conjure up

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conjure someone or something up

1. Lit. to make someone or something appear, seemingly by the use of magic. The magician conjured seven white doves up. Then an old wizard conjured up a horse.
2. Fig. to manage to locate someone or something. I think I can conjure a pencil up for you. Do you think you can conjure up a large coffee urn in the next half hour?
3. Fig. to manage to think up or imagine someone or something in one's mind. Can you conjure a vision of grandma up? All I could do was to conjure up happy memeories.
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In the nearly four years since the vote, the Gateway Economic Development Corporation, responsible for building and operating the complex, has ricocheted to and from city, county, and state governments for more new subsidies; no pork-barreling Congressman with a fancy imagination could conjure up more.
You've got only three ingredients to conjure up every imaginable type of acoustic environment, namely, absorption, reflection and diffusion," says Peter D'Antonio, RPG president.
OK, the Nebraskan may not be an obvious candidate for the Hall Of Fame, but the sugared pop, sly funk, insights and melodic mastery of his fifth album conjure up the time of his birth with an assured touch.
It's a name that could quite easily conjure up images of a dodgy old Spanish crooner.
Partly that's the fault of Columbus who stuck to the book so closely he didn't conjure up any magic of his own.
Grilling and backyard barbecues most often conjure up images of sizzling steaks, burgers, chicken or fish.
But on January 15 this year Rangers again failed to score at Berwick, although this time the English club could not conjure up a winner either.
But you can't conjure up any more extreme circumstances than what these guys were under in that environment, in a submarine facing depth charges, depth pressure, torpedoes and destroyers.