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name to conjure with

1. A name that is important or well-known. There are definitely some names to conjure with at the upcoming industry conference!
2. An unusual or interesting name. Englebert Humperdinck is certainly a name to conjure with!
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conjure up

1. Literally, to cause something to appear, as by magic or other supernatural means. A noun or pronoun can be used between "conjure" and "up" or after "up." The magician wowed the crowd when he waved his hands and seemingly conjured up a rabbit.
2. To locate something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "conjure" and "up" or after "up." Hang on, let me see if I can conjure up a pen for you. Any luck conjuring up some limes?
3. To evoke thoughts or images of someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "conjure" and "up" or after "up." We can't name our baby Glinda—that name immediately conjures up images of The Wizard of Oz! As an author, your job is to conjure up the action in the reader's mind.
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conjure someone or something up

1. Lit. to make someone or something appear, seemingly by the use of magic. The magician conjured seven white doves up. Then an old wizard conjured up a horse.
2. Fig. to manage to locate someone or something. I think I can conjure a pencil up for you. Do you think you can conjure up a large coffee urn in the next half hour?
3. Fig. to manage to think up or imagine someone or something in one's mind. Can you conjure a vision of grandma up? All I could do was to conjure up happy memeories.
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a name to conjure with

mainly BRITISH
1. If you say that someone or something is a name to conjure with, you mean that they are very famous and important. Bugattis, Bentleys, Ferraris — motoring names to conjure with, and all part of a breath-taking display of classic cars. Doris Kearns Goodwin is not a name to conjure with in this country, but in the United States she is a star.
2. If you say that someone or something's name is a name to conjure with, you mean their name is very unusual or funny. Lily's sister, for instance, is Vera Cheeseman. Now there's a name to conjure with. Note: In this expression, the importance and influence associated with a person or thing are regarded as a kind of magical power which you can call on by using their name.
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a name to conjure with

a person who is important within a particular sphere of activity.
The image here is of magically summoning a spirit to do your bidding by invoking a powerful name or using a spell.
1954 Iris Murdoch Under the Net His name, little known to the public, is one to conjure with in Hollywood.
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a name to ˈconjure with

1 the name of a well-known, very respected and admired person, group or thing in a particular field: My father went to school with Bill Gates — now there’s a name to conjure with!
2 (humorous) used when you mention a name that is difficult to remember or pronounce: The soup was called chlodnik — now there’s a name to conjure with!
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The pairing of John and Julius as narrators establishes a necessary tension in the text between the rational voice of reason embodied in John's perspective and the manipulative voice of imaginative possibility embodied in Julius's perspective, which he conveys in his conjure tales.
In a fashion of fairy-tale foreshadowing Jose is warned three times against his lack of respect towards conjure men in general and Mangolo in particular, by Nha Rita Preta (Jose's house servant), by Aurisio Manquitola, and by the mysterious voice that addresses the rider called by the narrator a "Ze-Prequete.
Marquina began to conjure with the books, and there was a great thundering sound.
Jose Mourinho says he has no "magic potion" to conjure victory for his Real Madrid side against Barcelona in Wednesday's Champions League semi-final first leg.
While I find Sundquist's reading insightful and comprehensive in relation to the slaves themselves, my own reading draws on Houston Baker's theory of conjure as narrative and William Covino's theory of magic rhetoric to explore how this conflict between rationality and conjure within the novel's plot is mirrored at the level of the novel's discourse, inviting the reader to participate actively in choosing conjure over the type of rationality that Phillips's text presents.
United States of Christophica" doesn't conjure images of amber waves of grain.
Arguing for "conjurational spirituality" (ix) as a distinctive category of African-American religiosity, Smith asks his readers to reexamine the Euro-Christian tradition of biblical figuration through the lens of African and Afro-American folk practices of conjure (that is, the ability to invoke and manipulate extraordinary powers for good or for ill).
Sweet witch Samantha's mortal hubby Darrin was against her using her "witch twitch" nose to conjure up magic -- unless it was to get him out of a jam
While those words immediately conjure up the failed experiment of Orange County's toll roads, they needn't.
Terms like "concentration camp" and "the Japanese problem" may conjure up images of Nazi Germany.
The history of dialect poetry is a rich one, and prose writers who mastered the form should also be remembered: Charles Chestnutt, whose masterpiece The Conjure Woman, deserves to be part of the American canon, and Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God, though not in dialect per se, also should be noted because of the way it captures on the page the subtly of the spoken word.
Chesnutt's The Conjure Woman (1899) illustrates how the construction of the "Other" in the dominant American culture is as injurious to landscape as it is to groups of people.
Since this is an American book, the European reader will be constantly aware of political (and legal) differences between the US and Europe; furthermore, there are some oddities, such as a peculiarly positive view of Bentham's Utilitarianism: perhaps American academics are able to look beyond the workhouses and the control mechanisms that the words conjure up in Britain.
Hopkinson has also edited two category-jumping anthologies, Whispers From the Cotton Tree Root: Caribbean Fabulist Fiction and Mojo: Conjure Stories and written a book of short stories called Skin Folk.
conjure up images of cowboy poetry festivals, Indian powwows and Wild West days in contrast to what is currently on the drawing board for this community and the problems your administrators will face in implementing your suggestions.