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act of congress

That which is extremely difficult to achieve or requires a large amount of effort or patience to enact. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. It's like you have to have an act of congress before the city council will pay to fix the roads in this town. Trying to get my doctor on the phone is like an act of congress!
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sexual congress

Sexual intercourse, especially between a man and a woman. As there was no hard evidence that sexual congress occurred outside of marriage, the judge was obliged to uphold the prenuptial agreement during the divorce proceedings.
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It would take an act of Congress to do something.

It is almost impossible to do something. It would take an act of Congress to get Bill to wear a necktie. She's a sour woman. It would take an act of Congress to get her to put a smile on her face.
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For example, Bill Clinton won at least 25 percent of the vote in every Congressional district in 1996.
Of the 1,179 PACs that contributed $20,000 or more to congressional campaigns in the 1994 election cycle, none represented these groups or lobbied for their causes.
The reason: When assessing the effects of tax rates on government revenues, the Congressional Budget Office uses "static" economic models that assume individuals don't change their behavior in response to tax incentives.
Thrift institution officers and directors thrust into the congressional spotlight for the first time are likely to find bewildering the unfamiliar procedures of this hybrid of law and politics--the congressional investigation.
Tingle has over 10 years of experience in the congressional field.
Map the Meal Gap 2015 provides unique insight into the prevalence of food insecurity in each county and congressional district in our nation.
produced a map that delivered the party 12 of the state's 19 congressional seats.
1 blocking former lawmakers who now work as lobbyists from the House floor and the congressional gymnasium.
Congressional Quarterly reported that Republican congressional leaders in both houses are preparing to hold hearings on CAFTA.
I appreciate your series on LGBT candidates ["An Eye on the House," June 22] and want to make sure that Advocate readers are aware of three LGBT congressional candidates who have an excellent chance of winning this year.
Our other journals help our readers better understand congressional, judicial, and international issues.
Now, Capitol Hill wants to weigh in because, in large part, the high-technology industry has successfully used its newfound political clout to spur Congressional support for the New Economy business model.
Representative Howard Berman of California, have actually sided with conservative Congressional leaders in advising the White House to step up an already intense schedule of bombing raids on Iraq.
12 New York Times essay, Tate insisted that congressional Republicans might face even greater difficulties in the future unless they join him in pushing for public funding of religious and other private schools.
With their compromised budget deal behind them, Republican congressional leaders turned their attention to a refreshingly soft target: the federal judiciary.
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