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congratulate (someone) (up)on (something)

To praise someone for an accomplishment or other positive development. I just have to congratulate you on winning the tournament—you totally deserve it. Have you congratulated Fran on her new house yet?
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congratulate someone (up)on something

to compliment or wish happiness to someone because of something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I want to congratulate you on your recent success. I congratulate you on your new job!
See also: congratulate, on
References in classic literature ?
But you may congratulate me now; for I find it very agreeable to HAVE a parish all to myself, with nobody to interfere with me--to thwart my plans or cripple my exertions: and besides, I have a respectable house in a rather pleasant neighbourhood, and three hundred pounds a year; and, in fact, I have nothing but solitude to complain of, and nothing but a companion to wish for.
Captain Granet just wanted to congratulate us all," she announced, "and to know if he could come in to tea this afternoon.
I am sure I congratulate him upon his success, if he has succeeded.
I also wish to congratulate Younis on the major personal milestones that he achieved.
Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC) President DerviE- Eroy-lu were among the first to call Erdoy-an to congratulate him on his election win.
In a video message, the president said: "I congratulate all Afghans on the successful election.
We further congratulate the people of Malawi for actively and peacefully exercising their democratic rights in selecting their new leader.
If you're a famous journalist and your boss forgets to congratulate, you would be a little upset.
Narendra Modi to congratulate him on his victory in the General Election.
HM the King, HRH Premier and HRH Crown Prince congratulate on Qatar's National Day.
We also would like to congratulate the other finalists for Young Chef as they all put forth excellent efforts," he added.
Singh called up ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan to congratulate him and his team of scientists and extended best wishes for its successful future.
We are glad to congratulate you in the name of the people and government of Saudi Arabia .
DELHI Government is planning to host a reception for record- breaking Delhi opener Shikhar Dhawan and is also likely to move a resolution in the Assembly to congratulate him for his performance.
Although the Kosovo state leadership was among the first to congratulate on the 20th anniversary of Macedonia's independence, the Macedonian state leadership did not congratulate on the 5th anniversary of Kosovo's independence.