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confuse the issue

To obfuscate or distract from the topic at hand by introducing irrelevant and/or misleading information. Politicians are always confusing the issue during debates by pointing out their opponents' history in other issues. Don't confuse the issue with talk about your past achievements, please stick to the question I'm asking you. His muddled explanation only served to confuse the issue further for his students.
See also: confuse, issue

confuse someone about something

to cause someone to be puzzled or bewildered about something. She confused me about the time of the concert. I wish you wouldn't confuse me about those things.
See also: confuse

confuse someone or an animal with something

to use something to bewilder or confuse someone or an animal. You have confused me with your clever talk. You confused the dog with your orders.
See also: animal, confuse

confuse (someone) with (someone else)

 and confuse (something) with (something else)
to mix someone up with someone else; to mistake someone or something with something else. I'm afraid you have confused me with my brother. Don't confuse the old ones with the new ones.
See also: confuse

mistake (someone) for (someone else)

 and mix (someone) up with (someone else)
to confuse someone with someone else; to think that one person is another person. I'm sorry. I mistook you for John. Tom is always mistaking Bill for me. We don't look a thing alike, though. Try not to mix Bill up with Bob, his twin.
See also: mistake

mistake (something) for (something else)

 and mix (something) up with (something else)
to confuse two things with each other. Please don't mix this idea up with that one. I mistook my book for yours.
See also: mistake

mistake somebody/something for somebody/something

to think that a person or thing is really someone or something else The prison buildings could almost be mistaken for a college campus.
See also: mistake

mistake for

Take someone or something for someone or something else, as in I'm sorry, I mistook you for her sister, or Don't mistake that friendly smile for good intentions; he's a tough competitor. [c. 1600]
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mistake for

To wrongly perceive that someone or something is someone or something else: I'm sorry to have bothered you—I mistook you for a friend of mine. Don't mistake the poison ivy for a box elder vine!
See also: mistake
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One expression of this principle is that the introduction of similar, potentially confusable stimuli should be separated.
Read&Write 10 GOLD's expanded toolbar includes exciting new features such as a Picture Dictionary, Verb Conjugation Checker, Vocabulary List Builder, Paragraph Translator, and Confusable Word Checker.
If dental stops became increasingly voiced, tending toward the fricative [[Delta]] as in Gandhari pronunciation (under Iranian influence), it is not at all difficult to imagine that a word with initial or intervocalic j (dryana > jana), pronounced in Northwest fashion as [z], would have been confusable with [[Delta]].
Figure 49: Easily confusable, active packaging and intelligent packaging are actually two distinct concepts 96
Where needed, TuVox Perfect Router uses Predictive Recognition(TM) technology to identify potentially confusable options prior to deployment and generate dialogs that will clarify the caller's intent and direct the caller to the most appropriate destination.