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confront (one) with (something)

To approach one with the intention of presenting or discussing something unpleasant. If you confront him with evidence of his crime, I think he'll try to leave town.
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confront someone with something

to face someone with incriminating evidence, charges of wrongdoing, or criticism. The angry husband confronted his wife with the evidence of her financial irresponsibility. The police confronted Wilson with the witness's statement.
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Participants with maladaptive perfectionism, compared with those with nonperfectionism, more frequently used confrontative coping, seeking social support, accepting responsibility, escape-avoidance, planful problem solving, and positive reappraisal.
Even when these managers had the hierarchical right and responsibility to confront chronically late workers, only 22% of their messages were directly confrontative and therefore, potentially face-threatening.
3 Campbell (1973) suggests, for example, that feminists can use "attack metaphors" and "perspective by incongruity" in order to "shock" audiences in ways that are confrontative and non-adjustive, thus "violating the reality structure" (p.
Successful interactants engage in cooperative behaviors whereas, when unsuccessful, parents interrupt more and are significantly more confrontative than their successful counterparts.
Successful mothers enact significantly more noncommittal, analytic, conciliatory, and process behaviors than do unsuccessful mothers while unsuccessful mothers enact significantly more interruption and confrontative behaviors than do successful mothers.
Mothers who are unsuccessful in their mediation attempts enact interruption and confrontative behaviors significantly more often than do mothers who are successful in their attempts.
As would be expected, when unsuccessful, fathers are more confrontative than their successful counterparts.
Your management persona seems to have changed from confrontative to warm and fuzzy.
Those who reported feeling uncomfortable with publicly demonstrating their support for the strike or engaging in confrontative behavior spent less time than others picketing or engaging in related activities.
In this second case, an oppositional or confrontative therapist may engage in behaviors that engender or maintain conflict to obtain basic social reinforcers such as attention.
Vivekananda's teachings overlap with Gandhi's although his ideas are more philosophical and more confrontative.
Given labor's new confrontative logic of action, however, supervisors increasingly found that they could no longer take labor's cooperation for granted.
Thus, peer counselors, like members of other AFA committees, began to realize that their new confrontative logic of action did not release their level from its exchange relationship with the managerial level.
Top management saw the continued implementation of cost-saving work rules as a matter of organizational survival (Walsh, 1988), while labor, in the context of its new confrontative logic of action, felt that to defend its members' interests, it had to adopt a policy of intense resistance whenever a new rule was to be introduced (Winpisinger, 1988).
As it became evident that top management was unwilling to cooperate and was intensifying its cost-reduction strategy, the union shifted to a strategy of protecting its members at all costs, which eventually crystallized into a new confrontative logic of action.