conform to

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conform to (something)

To follow or adhere to a particular set of rules, regulations, or norms. Please be advised that your construction project needs to conform to all building codes.
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conform to something

to agree with or behave within guidelines or regulations. I hope that your policies will conform to our guidelines. Does my casual dress conform to your regulations?
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I have taken the decision," Bison told the press decisively, "that Iesolo should conform to European norms.
In general, states either automatically conform to the IRC or affirmatively adopt it as of a specific date, to include recent Federal changes.
8) As of June 1, 2005, representatives of 16 state tax agencies (9) indicated that their corporate tax regimes would conform to IRC Sec.
California businesses will not be able to conform to the following:
Partnerships formed before that date can elect to change their partnership year to conform to the final regulations.
Nevertheless, to encourage existing partnerships to change their tax years to conform to the final regulations, Treasury and the IRS have retained the Temp.
C&A's ethos products conform to texture retention, delamination, stain resistance, fire spread and smoke density criteria.
Publicly embrace and conform to the FTC Guides, national guidelines issued by the U.
VistaScape's solution is proactive in that it manages monitoring and policy decisions, based on rules that conform to our unique security situation," said Captain Jessica Cummins of the Port of San Diego Harbor Police.
Ports can create their own unique security policy and also set rules that conform to ISPS code.
Legislation enacted during 1997(5) permits the formation of SMLLCs and requires the DOR to conform to the Federal tax classification of multi-member LLCs, but classifies an SMLLC as a partnership.
The Group II mortgage pool consists of first lien adjustable-rate and first and second lien fixed-rate mortgage loans with principal balances that may or may not conform to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines with a cut-off date pool balance of $156,850,125.
The commitment allows our conforming division to offer a FICO driven product with `Alternative A' loan characteristics including stated income and express underwriting guidelines and will complement our loan programs that conform to the underwriting guidelines of Fannie Mae and other agencies," noted Kelly Monahan, president and chief financial officer.
In 1993, the USGA determined that the original version of the Bullet "Hollow Point" driver did not conform to the Rules of Golf.
In licensing the X/Open UNIX Trademark, the vendor warrants and represents that any branded product: 1) conforms to the specification; 2) will continue to conform to the specification, and; 3) if there is a non-conformance, it will be rectified within an agreed time.