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come into conflict

To cause tension with someone or something else. I came into conflict with Tiffany when she found out that I had started that rumor about her. I'm sorry, but I just can't support your plan—it comes into conflict with my religious beliefs.
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conflict with (something)

To interfere or clash with something. Wait, no, I can't meet with you at 3:00—that conflicts with a conference call I have. I cannot support you in this action, sir, as it conflicts with my religious beliefs.
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come into conflict

[for things or people] to conflict or to be at odds with one another. The various policies came into conflict at the last moment. Bill and Bob came into conflict over almost everything.
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conflict with something

to clash with something. (Does not refer to fighting.) This date conflicts with my doctor's appointment. As far as I can tell, the date you suggest does not conflict with anything.
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conflict of ˈinterest(s)

a situation in which there are two jobs, aims, roles, etc. and it is not possible for both of them to be treated equally and fairly at the same time: There was a conflict of interest between his business dealings and his political activities.
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The current dispute and conflictive atmosphere created upon the under construction Millennium or Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is just one spot in the wider developmental scenario which will be witnessed in that Eastern Nile Region.
In the conflictive state of Michoacan, nonaffiliated candidate Alfonso Martinez Alcazar won election as mayor of the state's largest city, the capital of Morelia, which has a population of 730,000.
Therefore, the Ministry of Interior will find itself in a conflictive situation as Ministry of Interior officials cling to the idea of being the main controllers of all national issues.
regardless of time, share the following features: they enter into a conflictive 'relationship' with the state, especially when the state claims to be the sole source or sovereignty; they operate in the state typically claims sovereign control; they develop, as alternative communities, a series of discordant norms that, according to them, should be used to regulate uncharted territory; and ultimately, they represent a threat to the state because they upset the very ideas of sovereignty and territory by contesting the state's control and the activities of the legal entities that operated under its jurisdiction, such as for-profit corporations and monopolies.
Then he considers how the complex nature of EU constitutionalism influences the cooperative or conflictive interactions of legal system actors.
The multitudinous demonstration by the citizenry and the incorporation into the dialogue process in Havana of two guerrilla leaders from the most conflictive areas of the country paved the way for optimism regarding the expected announcement from both sides about some agreements.
The key technical challenge of the active engagement methods is to deal with conflictive requirements.
Lately, the IOA has failed to inform the IOC and OCA in due time of this conflictive issue on the applicable rules for the IOA elections, and in particular has not informed the IOC and OCA of the order from the Delhi High Court on 13 September 2012 by which the IOA is now saying that it is bound," the letter added.
It is the economic recipe for cooperative rather than conflictive capitalism and provides the ideal setting for class harmony in a liberal democracy.
to Mexico] and to stop Mexicans living in Mexico from leaving -- and that would take pressure off of one of the most conflictive topics in the Mexico-U.
She observes that popular fire festivals like the Patum of Berga and the celebrations of Sant Joan (Midsummer Eve) are emblematic of the societal conflict between order and transgression (216-19), and notes that the future of Catalan cultural festivals seems to be conflictive, too, based on a selfdetermination either as traditional, popular and heritage-based or as manifestations of "world culture" (226).
First, this intersectional junction is conflictive in its interior; race as advantage and gender as disadvantage can operate as opposite structuring forces in power relations.
In John Charles's brief but exquisite study, the complex and often conflictive interplay between the oral and the written is, indeed, the core issue that unfolds before us.
We want to explore in a comparative perspective the complex and conflictive articulation between how migrants are represented by themselves and by museum institutions.
These conflictive feelings about her mother subside when she replaces her influence with Gwen's love.