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confiscate (something) from (someone)

To take something away from someone, often as a form of punishment. I always confiscate cell phones from students who try to use them in my classroom.
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confiscate something from someone or something

to seize or impound something from someone or a group. The police confiscated all the stolen property from the suspect's garage. The clean confiscated the beer from the dormitory.
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Khallet Heja is continuously subjected to raids by Israeli forces that confiscate equipment and force the owners to pay steep fines, which directly effects their livelihood and ability to provide for their families.
In the past, the sultan could confiscate the property, house or mansion of that person.
It will also enable the authorities to confiscate assets even if the suspect or accused person is ill or has flown, e.
The new rules will allow EU member states to confiscate assets acquired through similar crimes, in cases of active and passive corruption in the private sector, and also active and passive corruption involving officials of EU institutions or of EU member states, participation in a criminal organisation, child pornography or cybercrime.
Because Barry Island is a designated alcohol exclusion zone and a family resort, officers have been working in partnership with British Transport Police to confiscate alcohol from anyone found to be in possession of it.
The message from us is clear - if you drive in an anti-social way, or cause disorder on the roads, then we will target you and use all our powers to either prosecute you or confiscate your car.
If the stewards try to confiscate anything, demand a receipt and go to collect your items after the game.
Furthermore, the paper reported that a team of Hamas security forces raided houses on Monday night to confiscate cigarettes smuggled to the enclave.
Summary: Schools have been told that they do have the power to confiscate mephedrone from pupils - despite it not being banned under the law.
Security officials at Los Angeles airport told The Sun: We have instructions to confiscate anything that looks like a weapon or a replica.
Security officials informed her that they would have to confiscate a two-inch-long plastic rifle from the toy soldier which was intended as a gift for her grandson.
The Crown has moved to confiscate it but, yesterday, a sheriff granted Mr Lawson the chance to come to Perth Sheriff Court and argue that he should get to keep it.
And, although they did not confiscate drugs, they did confiscate approximately $18 million in U.