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confine (someone or something) to (someone or something)

1. To restrict a person or animal to a particular place or area. Don't worry, the baby is confined to her playpen right now. Maddy is scared of dogs, so we need to confine Fido to the back yard.
2. To restrict something to a particular person or thing; to limit the scope of something. We need to confine our investigation to the area around the park for now. Please confine your requests to the essentials, so as to not overwhelm the staff.
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confine (someone or something) within (something)

To restrict a person or animal to a particular place or area. Don't worry, I confined the baby within her playpen. Maddy is scared of dogs, so we need to confine Fido within the back yard.
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confine someone or an animal to something

to limit someone or an animal to a particular place; to imprison someone or an animal in a particular place. Would you please confine the dog to the basement? She confined herself to the small room for over a year because of her fear of crowds.
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confine (someone or an animal) within something

to contain someone or an animal within something. We were unable to confine the dog within the yard. Could you confine all your car-repair mess within the garage?
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confine something to someone or something

to limit something or the doing of something to a person or a thing. Please try to confine your comments to John. Can we confine tonight's discussion to the agenda?
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In this issue, Siegel talks to Argentinean artist Fabian Marcaccio about Confine Paintant, a $1,100-foot-long digital painting realized and installed on the beach in Ostend, Belgium, last spring.
All available criminal-justice resources have been used for prison construction, and psychiatric hospitals that confine garden-variety mentally ill offenders are a thing of the past.
Researchers create quantum dots by building semiconductor structures that confine electrons to a volume only a few nanometers across.
NEW ORLEANS -- Amid the narrow streets and intimate confines of New Orleans' French Quarter, a4 gargantuan hotel would be as out of place as a temperance league chapter.
At Oak Ridge, Magee has been a "good institutional citizen" who functioned well within the confines of the maximum security division.
Her goal: to create a place for lesbian art that breaks free from its typical marginal confines.