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confederate with (someone or something)

To unite or work together with someone or something. Those two groups confederated with each other to form this proposal.
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confederate with someone or something

to organize, join, or unite with someone or a group. A number of states confederated with one another and formed a loose association. I confederated with the neighbors and we filed a joint complaint.
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But what of the claim that Confederate monuments are inherently racist and that those who would defend them are Nazis?
The author of this study has written a well-researched analysis of the Confederate government's policy of slave impressment in Virginia and North Carolina during the Civil War.
The flag we know today as the Confederate flag wasn't actually the official flag of the Confederacy but a battle flag carried by rebel soldiers during the Civil War (see box, p.
Most researchers had used compliance of individuals to an actual request by confederates with different hair color, for example, by asking for money or for a ride.
In Confederate Minds, Michael Bernath addresses this oversight by detailing Southern nationalists' attempts to secede culturally from the North and cultivate their own intellectual independence.
In the present study, female confederates wearing blond, brown or dark colored wigs solicited large sample sizes of male and female pedestrians for a donation in the context of a fundraising drive.
Next, the accuracy of play of the confederates was measured to verify that the independent variable was manipulated as described.
Before Jordan published his book on Black Confederates in.
Fairfax went against his orders taking only the Confederates and releasing the Trent, cargo and crew to go on their way.
Sheehan-Dean's argument does not resurrect the Lost Cause interpretation of the Civil War that denies the centrality of slavery, that extols the sacrifices of Confederates as a noble band of brothers, or that portrays the Southern home front as perfectly united.
One can only speculate that the paucity of historical interpretation of Confederate political economy may be a result of several factors.
As it turns out, my hairline comes from a Scots-Irish family named Campbell, the Confederates of my title.
Parker is holding a large Confederate battle flag--the familiar banner beloved by many neo-Confederates.
During the battle, they went into the trees and the Confederates didn't know we had so many troops up there,'' said Michael Green, a 53- year-old Rialto consultant playing the role of Maj.
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