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confederate with (someone or something)

To unite or work together with someone or something. Those two groups confederated with each other to form this proposal.
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confederate with someone or something

to organize, join, or unite with someone or a group. A number of states confederated with one another and formed a loose association. I confederated with the neighbors and we filed a joint complaint.
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Not surprisingly, Confederate troop movements were not particularly well coordinated on any of the three days of the battle.
Confederate Heroes Day has been a state holiday since 1973, when lawmakers voted to consolidate two state holidays: Confederate General Robert E.
But is it true that everyone who defends or honors Confederate memorials is a Nazi?
But the push to remove Confederate symbols has spurred passions on both sides.
com/en-us/travel/tripideas/poll-says-us-split-over-confederate-monuments-flag/vp-AAqvbf2) MSN poll surveyed 874,000 readers to determine their thoughts on Confederate monuments.
The Apple Store kicked some Civil War strategy game apps out of its system simply because the Confederate flag appeared somewhere in them.
Twenty years later, heightened sensitivities to the issue of slavery and its connections to the breakaway states resulted in removing the Confederate flag from the high school.
If you're looking for simple answers about the Confederate flag's place in contemporary America, don't ask a Civil War re-enactor.
Wal-Mart Stores Inc and Sears Holdings Corp on Monday banned sales of products bearing the image of the Confederate battle flag.
The Confederate forces represented by their flag fought for slavery, racism and oppression.
The estimated 100,000 men who served in the four-year struggle between Union and Confederate forces are being honoured on both sides of the Atlantic.
Synopsis: "Jefferson Davis Before He Wore Confederate Gray" is a novel that stays true to a historical narrative.
military forces to defy the sovereign Confederate States of America's eastern port at Charleston, South Carolina, in 1861.
David Schenck and the contours of Confederate identity.
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