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conduct (someone or something) away

To move someone or something away from someone or something else. Go out and conduct the kids away from the pool. I was quick to conduct the dog away from the stray cat.
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conduct (someone or something) into (some place)

To move or lead someone or something into a particular place or area. Can you conduct the kids into the house for birthday cake? I was quick to conduct the dog into the house when I noticed the stray cat.
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conduct (someone or something) out of (some place)

To move or lead someone or something out of a particular place or area. Can you conduct the kids out of the house for relay races? Once the stray cat was gone, I conducted the dog out of the house for a walk.
See also: conduct, of, out

conduct someone away (from someone or something)

to lead someone away from someone or something. The usher conducted the gentleman away from the front of the auditorium. Can you conduct Fred away from the area? Please conduct him away.
See also: away, conduct

conduct someone into something

 and conduct someone in
to lead someone into something or some place. The usher conducted the gentleman into the hall. The host was pleased to conduct in the guest of honor.
See also: conduct

conduct someone out of something

 and conduct someone out
to lead someone out of something or some place. The usher conducted the gentleman out of the hall. The cop conducted out the gang of rowdy youths.
See also: conduct, of, out
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The scientific work it conducts and funds has an important and appropriate role in the development of health and environmental information.
Like many states, Arkansas conducts examinations only on domestic companies.
Los Angeles Philharmonic, conducted by Roberto Abbado, presents ``Abbado Conducts Ravel'' featuring violinist Martin Chalifour, Walt Disney Concert Hall, through Nov.
For instance, AllPoints Research conducts numerous in-depth telephone interviews and telephone focus groups on a variety of topics.
JULIANE LAURA KEPPLER is Managing Director of Shareholder Services, a division of KPMG's Mergers & Acquisitions practice, where she conducts stock basis studies to assist clients in complying with IRS reporting requirements.
The manner in which a department conducts its internal investigations has a great impact on the informal code of conduct of its employees.
Better music graces DG's Bernstein Conducts Bernstein reissue, combining the wonderful Serenade After Plato's "Symposium" (which Paul Moor's 1990 Advocate appreciation called "one of all literature's greatest paeans to homosexual love") with the remarkable Songfest, a gorgeous cycle of American poems for six singers and orchestra.
The frequency with which a provider conducts the internal monitoring, like all other aspects of the compliance plan, should be individualized to the facility.
280A(c)(1), a home office could qualify as a principal place of business for purposes of deducting expenses if the taxpayer uses it for the business's administrative or management activities, and no other fixed location exists where the taxpayer conducts these activities.
Richters now coordinates federally funded investigations of childhood antisocial behavior and conducts his own research in this area.
When a banking organization conducts securities activities outside the bank, through a subsidiary or an affiliate that is a broker-dealer, it is subject to the jurisdiction of both the banking agencies and the securities regulators.
If automatic disciplinary proceedings are not applicable and the OSCPA ethics committee is determined to be the appropriate body to consider an allegation, it conducts an initial review to determine if further investigation is warranted.
The company conducts approximately five tests at the tower annually.
This study report provides detailed information on various key aspects of quality monitoring - including how, and how frequently, call centers monitor the various contact channels prevalent in today's customer care organizations; who conducts such quality evaluations - and what's being done to ensure that they do so effectively; and, importantly, what exactly is being done with the results to enhance agent and centerwide performance, as well as the organization's overall knowledge of the customer.