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conduct someone away (from someone or something)

to lead someone away from someone or something. The usher conducted the gentleman away from the front of the auditorium. Can you conduct Fred away from the area? Please conduct him away.
See also: away, conduct

conduct someone into something

 and conduct someone in
to lead someone into something or some place. The usher conducted the gentleman into the hall. The host was pleased to conduct in the guest of honor.
See also: conduct

conduct someone out of something

 and conduct someone out
to lead someone out of something or some place. The usher conducted the gentleman out of the hall. The cop conducted out the gang of rowdy youths.
See also: conduct, of, out
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We believe that we have created a reliable foundation for battery products' conductibility and safety and this should lead to greater acceptance of our products by the marketplace," said Wang Bin, CEO and President of the China Sun Group High-Tech Co.
SEEBURGER has already proven its conductibility with the successful completion of interoperability testing with SAP Exchange Infrastructure, 2.
On the other hand, lower deposition temperatures lead to the formation of some nanocomposite materials, considered promising for protective coatings from the electrical contacts, because of the high wear, corrosion resistance and high conductibility, (Eklund et al.
In addition, it allows for thinner interconnect lines, resulting in increased conductibility -- stabilizing the signal, enabling a higher aperture ratio of 40 percent and increasing overall display brightness to 300 cd/m2.