conduct into

(redirected from conduct in)

conduct someone into something

 and conduct someone in
to lead someone into something or some place. The usher conducted the gentleman into the hall. The host was pleased to conduct in the guest of honor.
See also: conduct
References in classic literature ?
And yet, notwithstanding their iniquitous conduct in this and in other matters, the French have ever plumed themselves upon being the most humane and polished of nations.
I request your ladyship to consider whether it is desirable--in view of your son's conduct in the future--to allow his wife to stand in the doubly perilous relation toward him of being also a cause of estrangement between his father and himself.
This conduct in writing is placed in a very proper light by the ingenious Abbe Bannier, in his preface to his Mythology, a work of great erudition and of equal judgment.
Darcy's conduct in it less than infamous, was capable of a turn which must make him entirely blameless throughout the whole.
Julia saw the danger of an exposure if she interfered, yet she had the curiosity to go to the window, and see how Antonio would conduct in the mortifying dilemma.
I don't understand her confidential relations with Julian Gray, and I don't understand her language and conduct in the presence of the police officer.
The explanation of your conduct in the other room is only one of the explanations which you owe me.
This change allows each agency to regulate professional conduct in its own tribunals but provides the same hearing and appeals process for both agencies to ensure fair and consistent application of the rules.
Although the officers involved in Wilson were granted qualified immunity, the decision of the Court in that case makes the law in this area "clearly established" and, thus, the defense of qualified immunity will not be available to officers involved in similar conduct in the future.