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screw (one)self up to concert pitch

To prepare for any event or crisis that may occur. My dad is nervous about me driving so far on my own, so I'm sure he's screwed himself up to concert pitch and is stationed by the phone in case I call.
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in concert (with someone)

Fig. in cooperation with someone; with the aid of someone. Mrs. Smith planned the party in concert with her sister. In concert they planned a lovely event.
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in concert (with somebody/something)

(slightly formal)
together or in agreement with someone or something Several companies are working in concert to improve delivery of electricity. Our government should not act alone, but in concert with its allies.
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in concert

Together, jointly, as in They worked in concert on the script, or When mind is in concert with body, one can accomplish a great deal. This expression uses concert in the sense of "an agreement of two or more persons." [Early 1700s]
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References in classic literature ?
I'm the rake Miss Garth means; and I want to go to another concert -- or a play, if you like -- or a ball, if you prefer it -- or anything else in the way of amusement that puts me into a new dress, and plunges me into a crowd of people, and illuminates me with plenty of light, and sets me in a tingle of excitement all over, from head to foot.
If I am to be allowed my choice of amusements next time," said the worthy gentleman, "I think a play will suit me better than a concert.
But the men of less faith could not thus believe, and to such, concert appears the sole specific of strength.
But leave him alone, to recognize in every hour and place the secret soul; he will go up and down doing the works of a true member, and, to the astonishment of all, the work will be done with concert, though no man spoke.
A man of good sense but of little faith, whose compassion seemed to lead him to church as often as he went there, said to me that "he liked to have concerts, and fairs, and churches, and other public amusements go on.
I never was to a concert in my life, and when the other girls talk about them in school I feel so out of it.
Anne's consequent humiliation was less than it might have been, however, in view of the concert and the spare-room bed.
Anne felt that she could not have borne it if she had not been going to the concert, for nothing else was discussed that day in school.
For Anne the real excitement began with the dismissal of school and increased therefrom in crescendo until it reached to a crash of positive ecstasy in the concert itself.
But you're not going to begin gadding about to concerts and staying out all hours of the night.
I'm sure I shall die when I find myself up on that platform, facing people," sighed Sara Ray, as we talked the affair over in Uncle Stephen's Walk the night before the concert.
Sara Ray alone remained serenely satisfied until the close of the concert, when we surrounded her with a whirlwind of reproaches.
I am sure that you and Helen take me to the very nicest concerts.
It became apparent early on that more participants would be required for this concert than SMTA's previous teachers' concerts.
23 Concert Opens Three-Day Festival Fundraiser at Faithful Shepherd; Event to Feature Six Bands, Carnival Rides, Games and Fare