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screw (one)self up to concert pitch

To prepare for any event or crisis that may occur. My dad is nervous about me driving so far on my own, so I'm sure he's screwed himself up to concert pitch and is stationed by the phone in case I call.
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in concert

1. Literally, performing a musical concert. They're one of my favorite bands, but strangely I've never seen them in concert.
2. Together; in cooperation. The two of us will need to work in concert if we're going to get through all these files. The local police department has been investigating in concert with federal agencies.
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in concert (with someone)

Fig. in cooperation with someone; with the aid of someone. Mrs. Smith planned the party in concert with her sister. In concert they planned a lovely event.
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in concert

Together, jointly, as in They worked in concert on the script, or When mind is in concert with body, one can accomplish a great deal. This expression uses concert in the sense of "an agreement of two or more persons." [Early 1700s]
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Eastern Washington University, the concert site, welcomed our use of their recital hall and pianos.
The students are in an ROP project management class and are putting on the concert as part of their senior project, a graduation requirement.
The National Symphony Orchestra will provide the concert under the direction of conductor Erich Kunzel.
Opening the concert was Jessica Sands, daughter of 1950s teen idol Tommy Sands.
Throughout our travels we made wonderful new friends at every concert venue, and it was always hard to say good-bye.
While there will be no dancing during the June 10 concert, Domine is working with the Media City Ballet to create a production using the piece.
We are teaching a student the Bruch G Minor Violin Concerto, but when the soloist comes to town to play that piece, we don't go he extra mile to ensure our student gets to the concert.
He also records with his group, Amoeba, and has performed in caves, cathedrals, planetaria, art galleries and concert halls throughout Europe and North America.
There is a huge, intellectual gulf between the music that draws crowds to the modern rock concert and the standard fare comprising the classical recital.
It's fun to help out and listen to the music,'' said Nik Wunrow, a student in the Yes I Can program for teens with Asperger's syndrome, which organized the Saturday's multiband concert.
PALMDALE - The Beach Boys will play an outdoor concert sponsored by Clear Channel radio stations this summer at the Marie Kerr Park amphitheater.