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a going concern

A business, enterprise, or activity that has done well thus far and is expected to continue making a profit. The odds weren't great setting up another café in town, but it has since become a going concern.
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concern oneself about someone or something

 and concern oneself over someone or something
to turn one's thoughts and consideration to someone or something. I hope you will concern yourself over your work a little more. Please don't concern yourself about me. I'll do okay.
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concern someone in something

to bring someone into some matter; to engage someone in something; to occupy someone with something. Don't concern Dave in our party planning. He doesn't know anything about entertaining. The wrong committee was concerned in this from the very beginning.
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concern someone with someone or something

to busy someone with someone or something; to worry someone with thoughts of someone or something. I hope Jennifer does not concern herself with this matter. Try to concern him with something other than his work.
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to whom it may concern

Cliché to the person to whom this applies. (A form of address used when you do not know the name of the person who handles the kind of business you are writing about.) The letter started out, "To whom it may concern." When you don't know who to write to, just say, "To whom it may concern."
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to whom it may concern

To the appropriate recipient for this message, as in I didn't know who was responsible for these complaints so I just addressed it "to whom it may concern ." This phrase is a formula used in letters, testimonials, and the like when one does not know the name of the proper person to address. [Second half of 1800s]
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Nurses from across the North-east and Cumbria voiced their fears about reporting concerns over the quality of patient care as some of the 3,000 members of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) nationwide who were surveyed.
Parents of girls who go online have different concerns than parents of boys who go online.
Despite these concerns, there is in fact little empirical evidence to suggest that easy access to Plan B would increase risky sexual behavior.
Counseling concerns of highly able students may reflect characteristics associated with giftedness.
The doctor's failure to hold a crucial conversation with the nurse (or the nurse's manager) about his competence concerns with her allowed the problems to persist.
Bush's request has met with resistance from California lawmakers, who expressed concerns it would take Guard troops away from critical duties such as responding to natural disasters and would create a potentially dangerous militarization of the border.
This was followed in this order: drug concerns, family problems, career needs, relationship problems, finance, sexual harassment, academic ability, personality types, anxiety/depression, differential treatment and serf-evaluation.
When the Code of Ethics Revision Committee considered the formation of an Ethical Concerns Committee (ECC), we grappled at length with the issues so clearly articulated by LeAnne Baehni-Schultz in the June/July AMT.
Although it was not a public document, the NYPD report was revealed to contain security concerns regarding the tower's 25-foot proximity to West Street and lack of structural reinforcement on the lower floors.
We're opposed to it because it creates a lot of privacy concerns for students and for students records," says Ajita Talwalker, president of USSA, who participated in a series of listening sessions at the NCES to discuss her organization's concerns about the database.
The purpose of the EAR program is to have a peer available to communicate management's concern for employees by responding to and acting upon employees' concerns and by assisting employees with their problems.
She inquired about the status of the regulations and requested an update about the concerns raised in TEI's written comments.
Such concerns are not misplaced in a world where identity theft is increasing and Web site cookies, data mining, and other technologies facilitate the tracking of an individual's activities.
Montcalm project manager for Falconbridge John McDonald says that environmentalist concerns and extensive regulatory requirements has meant slow progress.
Seven focus groups were conducted with students to evaluate their perceptions and concerns.