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in reference to someone or something

 and with reference to someone or something concerning or about someone or something;
in connection with someone or something. What shall we do in reference to Bill and his problem? With reference to what problem?
See also: reference

with regard to someone or something

 and in regard to someone or something
concerning someone or something. What shall we do in regard to planning dinner? With regard to Bill, I think he is working too hard.
See also: regard

in reference to something

(slightly formal)
mentioning or talking about something The author made the statement in reference to Silverman's latest book. She says the use of the word “repatriate” in reference to Quebec is historically inaccurate.
See also: reference

with regard to something

(slightly formal) also in regard to something
considering or relating to something with respect to something Parents are concerned about protecting their kids with regard to stuff that is available on the Internet. It certainly should make the law clearer with regard to what is and what is not a disability.
Related vocabulary: in terms of something
See also: regard
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Discernment by the Church concerning the suitability of candidates
Angus has been in discussions with the IRS concerning the inquiry.
When students were asked about their beliefs concerning sexuality, most participants agreed that sexual activity at this age is acceptable and expected in college (see Table 5).
The researcher also assumed a level of anxiety concerning the transition to middle school.
NFPA 43B also contains the following information concerning peroxide storage:
Concerning family camp, half the respondents reported they offer or are planning to offer family camp.
Only limited details concerning allegations concerning the connection between the BNL case and the CCC program to Iraq were known at the time that the NAC was considering the proposal for additional export credit sales guarantees to Iraq.
The association has raised several concerns over changes made to Ontario Hydro's 25-year demand/supply plan, and is requesting that environmental assessment hearings concerning the plan be resumed in order to clarify its concerns.
What is the current status of corporate policies concerning the psychiatrically handicapped?
The rules of corporate disclosure In each country, the exchanges, the government, or some organization such as an accounting board--or a combination of these--has established some standards for disclosure of information concerning the affairs of issuers.
As in Tafuri's article on Giulio, the theme of license stands at the center of Payne's discussions, which, for all the emphasis on intertextuality, ult imately propose a psychological inquiry; in her view, a "cultural anxiety" concerning appropriation subtends learned discourse in general in the Renaissance, not just in the domain of architecture.
On July 12, 1999, Tax Executives Institute submitted the following comments to the House Committee on Ways and means concerning the confidentiality of advance pricing agreements.
In this article we present the findings concerning the individual children and relate them to some environmental factors.
At some point `tomorrow must be today' concerning management and the board's promises to restore shareholder value," said Galloway.
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