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as far as (someone/something) is concerned

1. Regarding a certain person or situation. As far as Aunt Elaine is concerned, we still need to get a Christmas gift for her. As far as dinner is concerned, it's been pushed to 8:00, so no need to rush.
2. In one's view or opinion. As far as I'm concerned, I don't feel safe in this neighborhood anymore. Grandma doesn't care if you bring your boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner. As far as she's concerned, the more, the merrier!
See also: concerned, far

concerned about (someone or something)

Worried about someone or something. I'm getting concerned about the dog because he hasn't eaten all day. I'm sure everything is fine—try not to be so concerned about it.
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as far as someone is concerned

 and so far as someone is concerned
from the point of view of someone. Bob: Isn't this cake good? Alice: Yes, indeed. This is the best cake I have ever eaten as far as I'm concerned. As far as we are concerned, anything at all would be fine for dinner.
See also: concerned, far

as far as something is concerned

 and so far as something is concerned
having to do with something; pertaining to something; as for something. This bill? As far as that's concerned, the committee will have to take care of it. As far as the roof's concerned, it will just have to last another year.
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(that's) fine with me

 and (that's) fine by me; (that's) okay by me; (that's) okay with me
That is agreeable as far as I am concerned. (The expressions with by are colloquial.) Sue: I'm giving away your old coat. Bob: That's fine with me. Sally: Can I take twenty dollars out of your wallet? Fred: That's okay by me—if you can find it, of course.
See also: fine

as far as that goes

Also, so far as that goes; as or so far as that is concerned . Concerning that, actually, moreover. For example, As far as that goes, Bill doesn't understand it, or My husband has never gotten along with Henry, and so far as that goes, Henry doesn't like him either , or As far as that is concerned, Patrice can take care of herself. Also see as for.
See also: far, goes, that
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Similarly, about two-thirds of parents are concerned about loss of privacy (22 percent very concerned) and about one-half (21 percent are very concerned) about their children viewing pornographic material.
However, school counselors should be aware that, though these findings offer hope to underachievers and those who are concerned about them, the phenomenon of underachievement remains perplexing.
I'm extremely concerned about potential terrorists sneaking across that border.
Students should be concerned because privacy rights would be infringed upon and there is no option to opt out of the program," says Jasmine Harris, legislative director of USSA.
Kim remarked that Treasury is concerned that the proposed regulations do not facilitate resolution of issues at the examination level.
Recognizing that many businesses are concerned that the cost of privacy compliance will be prohibitively expensive, the authors address the cost-benefit of implementing privacy-sensitive practices in Chapter 5.
For the most part, students are concerned about pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, condom use, sexual responsibilities/consequences, sexual harassment and rape.
Three of the other essays are concerned with the proliferation and printing of vernacular translations.
Samuelson: Urban audiences are concerned about the amount of farm subsidy money going to just a few farmers as listed on the Internet by the Environmental Working Group.
But there are a lot of details in the 309-page report important to those concerned about EMFs.
9 percent of respondents say they are concerned ("very concerned" or "somewhat concerned") about "spamming" (receiving unsolicited e-mail), 74.
If the connection is made, the client will follow the agent's counsel and purchase the products, because the connection process responds to those emotional, sociological and psychological issues that they are concerned about--namely, autonomy, control, self-worth and peace of mind.
What I fear most is a partner who is not concerned with the practice of safer sex.
17] A woman who has these implants and is concerned about nursing her infant should consult with her doctor.
If people are concerned about the dangers of nuclear war or environmental degradation we only reveal our own normative position if we label such responses 'fears' or 'anxieties.
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