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concede to (someone or something)

To yield to someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "concede" and "to." He's so stubborn that I doubt he'll ever concede to what I want. The candidate called to concede to his opponent after the final vote was announced.
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concede something to someone or something

to yield something to someone or a group; to grant something to someone or something. At midnight, Ronald conceded the election to his opponent.
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concede to someone or something

to yield to someone or a group; to give in to someone or a group. In the end we conceded to the demands of the petition. I will not concede to you.
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All entries are Pareto superior to the H-H (strike) outcome, but because C-H dominates concede-concede for the firm, and hold out-concede dominates C-C for the union, it is in each party's best interest to threaten to take a holdout strategy, hoping that its rival will be scared into conceding.
Hart was criticised after conceding two late freekicks against Scotland in June.
Vice President Jejomar Binay, without actually conceding on May 10, issued a statement in which he repeated his call for respecting institutions and the democratic process.
MARINE assistant manager Phil Hackney says they must put an end to the sloppy goals they are conceding if they are to turn around their poor form.
But particularly the second goal, you can't concede goals like that - (we were) miles too open, the ball is on the half way line and within a couple of seconds it is in the back of my net, so that is not acceptable conceding goals like that.
It was a target I had when I came here because the team was conceding a lot of goals", the Boro boss said.
About that he was wrong, but about this he was right: after conceding lots of goals teams generally concede very few.
Though United's victory over Newcastle allowed them to open up a massive seven-point lead on Manchester City at the top of the Premier League, conceding another three goals at Old Trafford on Boxing Day drew more anxious words from Sir Alex Ferguson.
Conceding two late goals in the Bernabeu cost them a famous victory against Real Madrid last week and now one of the four competitions they would have expected to challenge in has slipped through their grasp.
When you concede a goal it's not the end of the world but our problem has been that losing one regularly leads to conceding another.
Lions had a dreadful start, conceding two tries in the first three minutes from Tim Heaton and Alex Rieder.
TONY Mowbray has no qualms about Scott Carson's frame of mind, despite the goalkeeper conceding 17 goals in Albion's last six games.
He said: "We are conceding goals at set pieces, we have talked about this and we are trying to find solutions.
Ryan Jones' men have conceded only two tries in four championship matches to date this season and are on course to better England's Six Nations record of conceding only four tries in 2002 and 2003.