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be comprised of

To be made up of (something). To consist of (something). Your grade is comprised of several factors, such as homework, projects, and test scores.
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comprised of (something)

Made up of (something); consisting of (something). Your grade is comprised of several factors, such as homework, projects, and test scores. This paint is actually comprised of several natural ingredients.
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comprised of someone or something

made up of someone or something. (The use of of after comprise is regarded as bad grammar by some.) The committee was comprised of representatives from all areas. The dessert was comprised of a number of different delicious substances.
See also: comprise, of
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If certain business activities comprise a taxpayer's principal business activity, they will bar a taxpayer from using the new rules.
They are often derived from the same nutrient-deficient foods which already comprise our diets (but are more concentrated and expensive); and cannot substitute for bioactive compounds obtained from whole, unrefined foods.
The treated region has been exposed to and comprises a fatty acid and/or fatty acid salt composition wherein the treated region comprises a first hardness and the untreated region comprises a second hardness different than the first hardness.
Key statement: The invention concerns a method for preparing a lubricating composition, characterized in that it comprises mixing two previously prepared oil-in-water emulsions (A) and (B): the prior emulsion (A) comprises: (a) at least a non-reactive linear polyorganosiloxane oil comprising per molecule at least 2% in number of organic substituents bound to the silicon atoms which are aryl, alkylarylene and/or arylenealkyl radicals; (b) at least a polyorganosiloxane resin bearing hydroxyl groups and comprising at least two different siloxyl units selected among those formula ([R.
8,535,697 B2; Kao has patented a process for preparing a cosmetic composition that comprises an 01/W/02 emulsion composition, which comprises, in oil phases 01 and 02, fine metal oxide particles having ultraviolet screening ability.
Keywords: Conical carbon comprises cones, flat plates, nanotubes and fullerenes.
It entails a blend containing a UV-absorbing polymer comprising the polymerization reaction product of a first ethylenically unsaturated monomer comprising a first pendant group that comprises a UV-absorbing moiety, and a second pendant group selected from the group consisting of H, or C1.
The first portion comprises a first fastening component, and wherein the second portion comprises a second fastening component; and a second side of the fastening zone on the rear waist region and comprising a third portion and a fourth portion, wherein the third portion comprises a third fastening component, wherein the fourth portion comprises a fourth fastening component.
The auxiliary composition comprises an admix of a clay and a silicone in an emulsified form comprising a water-in-oil emulsion; a continuous phase comprising a silicone; a discontinuous phase comprising an emulsifier comprising water; and a detersive surfactant.