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compress (something) into (something)

1. To mold something into a particular shape. We compressed the cookie dough into little balls and then put it on a baking sheet.
2. To push on something so that it fits into a receptacle. Even sitting on my suitcase didn't help to compress the clothes into it.
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compress something into something

1. to squeeze or press something into something, such as a mold or container. We compressed the tomatoes into the jar. I cannot compress any more clothing into the suitcase.
2. to form something into a shape by applying pressure. He compressed the mass of paper into a tight ball. The clay was compressed into the shape of a brick upon the application of pressure to the mold.
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By automating the process of optimizing and compressing PowerPoint files, POINTLess reduces bandwidth and storage requirements, creates operational efficiencies and cost savings, and enhances communication by making it easier for people to share information.
There is minimal overhead because while PKWARE is compressing a package of files, it is also simultaneously applying access control (with passwords) and security (with encryption).
These solutions maintained the original high-quality video while compressing to the Internet in multiple formats and at multiple data rates.
BUSINESS WIRE)--May 19, 1997--Pixel Magic today announced the PM-35 high-speed JPEG Codec, the fastest chip available for compressing and decompressing color and grayscale images in digital office systems using the industry-standard JPEG algorithm.
0 is the easy-to-use, transparent compression software that helps make more space available on hard disks, by compressing files and folders automatically, whenever they are not in use.