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compress (something) into (something)

1. To mold something into a particular shape. We compressed the cookie dough into little balls and then put it on a baking sheet.
2. To push on something so that it fits into a receptacle. Even sitting on my suitcase didn't help to compress the clothes into it.
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compress something into something

1. to squeeze or press something into something, such as a mold or container. We compressed the tomatoes into the jar. I cannot compress any more clothing into the suitcase.
2. to form something into a shape by applying pressure. He compressed the mass of paper into a tight ball. The clay was compressed into the shape of a brick upon the application of pressure to the mold.
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References in classic literature ?
We tried to compress seven years of life into seven exclamations; then, suddenly appeased, walked sedately along, giving one another the news of yesterday.
If you don't have backup hardware, just compress your important files and save them on a floppy disk.
The ability to uniformly compress such capsules is an essential ingredient in triggering fusion.
The company has incorporated the Now Compress technology into Now Utilities(TM) 5.
DiskDoubler has been enhanced to compress and store more data, and make compressed data more accessible and manageable," said Karen Black, Symantec's business unit director for the Peter Norton Group.
AutoDoubler can be easily enabled or disabled by checking the appropriate box in the AutoDoubler control panel, or by moving the mouse to user-designated Compress Now/Don't Compress mouse corners.