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composed of (something)

Made up of (something); consisting of (something). This paint is actually composed of several natural ingredients. Your grade is composed of several factors, such as homework, projects, and test scores.
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composed of something

assembled or made out of something. This cloth is composed of a number of different kinds of fibers. The committee is composed of people from every department.
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Through their involvement in the New Sounds of Learning Project, composers learned that there are specific conditions necessary to compose successful educational music.
Working closely with stakeholders, installers, engineers, and fleet representatives, PMW 160 and the COMPOSE Program Office are delivering robust capabilities to the fleet in a timely, cost effective manner.
Suppose for reductio that those atoms did compose an object.
Right now users can still access the old compose mode though Google has stated in a blog post that the old compose will be going away soon.
Google had launched the new Compose feature in October last year.
This solves one of the critical issues that faced the older compose mail page.
The term dictator had acquired many meanings over time: even though the original meaning of dictare in Antiquity was "to dictate," it had gradually come to encompass the activity of writing in general, and then, beginning with Augustine, to signify "to compose poetry.
The Orff method is a great introduction to music, especially for creative young people who may go on to compose.
He hopes to one day compose for film and television.
I compose every day and work on several pieces simultaneously.
He says he now finds himself in the same state he was in when he was commissioned by Emanuel Ax to compose a concerto.