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be compos mentis

Sane or mentally competent. The phrase is Latin for "of sound mind." I doubt that Travis was compos mentis when he committed that crime.
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be ˌcompos ˈmentis

(from Latin, formal or humorous) having full control of your mind: Are you sure she was fully compos mentis when she said that?
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non compos

(ˈnɑn ˈkɑmpos)
1. mod. out of one’s mind; non compos mentis. She is strictly non compos!
2. and non compos poopoo mod. alcohol intoxicated. That gal isn’t just drunk. She’s non compos poopoo.
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non compos poopoo

See also: compo, non, poopoo
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There's still plenty to be axed from the fatuous compo claims, the bloated PR budget and the obscene salaries of our police bosses, people who seem to think that while the rest of us have to make cuts - they don't.
The compo pasta material is melded to wood to give a dimensional look with a more upscale feel.
Nord Compo is a 42-year-old European technology company, based just outside of Paris in Lille.
Bill Owen, who starred as loveable welly-wearing rogue Compo for 28 years, passed away in 1999, while Dame Thora Hird, who played village gossip Edie Pegden, died in 2003.
COMPO will leave TV audiences laughing as he says a final farewell in Last of the Summer Wine.
LOVE INTEREST: Kathy Staff as Norah Batty, Compo's (left) light of his life, in Last of the Summer Wine and, inset, the online petition calling for another series * NOW AND THEN: Actors, from left, Mike Grady, Russ Abbot, Robert Fyfe, Brian Murphy and Burt Kwouk night filming for The Last of The Summer Wine at Hill Street, Jackson Bridge and, right, the old guard Peter Sallis, as Norman Clegg, Brian Wilde as Foggy Dewhurst and Bill Owen, as Compo Simmonite
As the Premier League arbitration panel retires to consider Kevin Keegan's unfair dismissal claim, lo and behold a "source close to Toon chiefs" publicly questions Wor Kev's mental state and says his compo demands could bankrupt Newcastle.
THE much-loved character of Compo will be given a special farewell episode of Last Of The Summer Wine.
ACTOR Bill Owen, Compo in television's Last of the Summer Wine, was today reported to be seriously ill with stomach and bowel cancer.
And they have built up 8,000 friends all over the world who worship the ground upon which Compo, Nora, Clegg and Foggy stood.
It is under pressure to raise its pounds 30,000 compo limit for all other investments.
The 85-year-old actor - alias Compo in Last Of The Summer Wine - lost his fight for life after emergency surgery at a private hospital near his home in Highgate, London.
STAR IN WRINKLED STOCKINGS: Nora Batty berates Compo, above, and below, Foggy stands back as Clegg is embarrassed by the attentions of Marina
NEWS that Sheffield United can claim up to pounds 30million compo over Tevezgate has led to a gold rush from within football.