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comply with (something)

To follow or adhere to a particular rule or regulation. Please be advised that your construction project needs to comply with all building codes.
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comply with something

to conform to something; to obey guidelines or regulations; to agree to something. I hope you decide to comply with our rules. I am happy to comply with your request.
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Finally, "all facts and circumstances, including the scope of the engagement and the type and specificity of the advice sought by the client will be considered in determining whether a practitioner has failed to comply with this section.
Mr Ingram said smaller businesses would simply have to comply with the directive, as they needed a licence to trade and it would be revoked if they were found to be breaking the rules.
company, the PATA documentation package guidelines may be irrelevant or inapposite in establishing that the taxpayer has undertaken reasonable steps to comply with the arm's-length standard, maintained adequate documentation in support of the arm's-length nature of its controlled transactions, or whether a documentation penalty should apply.
Financial institutions have been required to comply with the privacy rules since July 1, 2001.
Owen Deneny, aged 21, of Newington Close, Coundon, Coventry, failing to comply with a community service order, fined pounds 50.
Since a refusal by the nation's chief law enforcement officer to obey a court order is deeply troubling, those who value the rule of law might argue that a president should comply with any subpoena.
Providers must comply with all safety and health regulations developed by HCFA concerning:
31 1993 a company must demonstrate that all reasonable efforts to comply have been made.
To address the second research question and distinguish between programs which comply and those that do not, variables were selected from the data set related to age of program, affiliation, involvement in networks, satellites, funding, size of community, staffing, numbers and characteristics of consumers, and numbers and types of services.
In the weeks and months ahead, as the deadline approaches, building owners will be hearing more about Local Law 26 compliance and will be under increasing pressure to comply with these new regulations.
If an NQDC plan fails to qualify under its deferral provisions, all previously deferred amounts that are no longer subject to a substantial risk of forfeiture have to be included in the taxpayer's income in the year the failure to comply occurs; see Sec.
But how do you comply with this complex legislation?