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all dressed up and nowhere to go

Ready for an event or occasion that has since been canceled. Jimmy canceled our date tonight, so I'm all dressed up and nowhere to go. A: "Why is Jill is all dressed up and nowhere to go?" B: "Oh, because the friend she was supposed to meet got sick."
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all dressed up and nowhere to go

 and all dressed up with nowhere to go completely ready for something
that has been postponed or has failed to materialize. (May be literal or figurative.) Tom: I just heard that your company is closed today. Fred: Gee, I'm all dressed up and nowhere to go. The space shot was cancelled, so all the astronauts are all dressed up with nowhere to go.
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*silent as the dead

 and *silent as the grave
completely silent. (Has ominous connotations because of the reference to death. Usually used to promise someone that you will be silent and therefore not betray a secret. *Also: as ~.) I knew something was wrong as soon as I entered the classroom; everyone was silent as the dead. Jessica is as silent as the grave on the subject of her first marriage. If you tell me what Katy said about me, I promise to be as silent as the grave.
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all dressed up and (or with) nowhere (or no place) to go

prepared for action but having nothing to do or unable to be proceeded with. informal
The expression is an adaptation of the title of a song ( 1913 ) by Silvio Hein and Benjamin Burt , ‘When You're All Dressed Up and No Place to Go’.
2004 Time Because Jeffords' departure put control of Senate committees in Democratic hands, President Bush's proposed National Missile Defense (NMD) is now all dressed up with nowhere to go.
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all, completely, etc. at ˈsea

confused; not organized: We’re still completely at sea trying to understand the new regulations.
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