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complain about someone or something

to protest someone or something; to grouch about someone or something. Oh, stop complaining about the weather. You are always complaining about me.
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complain of something

to moan and suffer from a disease; to report the symptoms of a disease or health condition. Kenneth complained of a headache and general weakness. The patient was complaining of a headache.
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complain to someone

to grouch or protest to someone. Don't complain to me. I will complain to the manager.
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(I) can't complain. and (I have) nothing to complain about.

Inf. a response to a greeting inquiry asking how one is or how things are going for one. Sue: How are things going? Mary: I can't complain. Mary: Hi, Fred! How are you doing? Fred: Nothing to complain about.
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can't complain

to admit that things are mostly all right My job gives me a month's vacation, so I really can't complain.
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can't complain

Used as a response meaning fairly good or well, to questions such as "How are you?" or "How is business?" For example, How've you been?-Can't complain. This term means that nothing serious is wrong. [Mid-1800s]
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The complainer lost his liberty for some time and was subject to medical tests and had various swabs taken from him.
The complainers have built a 6ft wall right round their house.
There was further verbal exchange between them and the complainer stumbled back and fell.
The complainer thought it was a knife but it transpires the item was a toothbrush.
The complainer had been drinking but decided he would drive home.
The accused reached inside his jacket and pulled out a cricket bat and struck the complainer once on the top of the head.
He said: "Mr McQuillian has known the complainer since primary school and they have always been good friends.
The mystery complainer demanded the event be cancelled - and wanted the bar owners prosecuted for sexism.
The complainer had punched him on the chin and kicked him on the groin during the course of whatever went on.
At the same time, she may simply be a chronic complainer who is always looking for a willing set of ears.
He walked over to the complainer and struck her on the side of her nose with his fist.
Mr Artis said: "The accused punched the complainer a couple of times on the face and then grabbed him from behind.
The complainer was all over him and making advances towards him.
When Devon White brought problems to management in years past, he was labeled a complainer.