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complain about someone or something

to protest someone or something; to grouch about someone or something. Oh, stop complaining about the weather. You are always complaining about me.
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complain of something

to moan and suffer from a disease; to report the symptoms of a disease or health condition. Kenneth complained of a headache and general weakness. The patient was complaining of a headache.
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complain to someone

to grouch or protest to someone. Don't complain to me. I will complain to the manager.
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(I) can't complain. and (I have) nothing to complain about.

Inf. a response to a greeting inquiry asking how one is or how things are going for one. Sue: How are things going? Mary: I can't complain. Mary: Hi, Fred! How are you doing? Fred: Nothing to complain about.
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can't complain

to admit that things are mostly all right My job gives me a month's vacation, so I really can't complain.
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can't complain

Used as a response meaning fairly good or well, to questions such as "How are you?" or "How is business?" For example, How've you been?-Can't complain. This term means that nothing serious is wrong. [Mid-1800s]
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More than a third (38 per cent) are also reluctant to complain about assaults, racial abuse or police inaction because they have little confidence that their grievance will be taken seriously, according to the research.
Over two thirds of IT departments first learn about Web site problems when users call the helpdesk to complain.
The law allows you to complain about a contract for up to six years after the date of purchase, but if you complain after a long time, the fault needs to be very serious before you would be entitled to compensation.
The handling of complaints takes too long, people are not always sure who to complain to and there is a lack of learning across the NHS when things go wrong, it said.
Only if all dissatisfied customers complain will the service be improved.
He fumed: "The basic problem is that we just don't complain enough.
Nevertheless, owners who sent in updated cards, even a year ago, complain their bills are still being sent to wrong addresses and a thorough data checking system would be more than welcome.
The law allows you to complain about a contract for up to six years after the date of purchase but, if you complain after along time, the fault needs to be very serious before you would be entitled to compensation.
ISLAMABAD, September 22, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education (MOSW&SE) has established a complain cell to register the complains of deserving people and provide appropriate help to them.
Research from consumer website moneysupermarket found two-thirds do not complain about bad service in a hotel or restaurant and will even pay a tip.
When I was at Birmingham, I didn't complain about the training," he said.
I'll certainly complain if I'mdissatisfied with someone's service or product,and it's something I'vegot better at with age,'' sheexplains.
His brother Ian Nixon said: 'I asked about his treatment and he told me he was reluctant to complain about his lack of treatment in case it affected his release date.
SCOTS suffer in silence and don't complain enough when things go wrong, a new report claims.