compete against (someone or something)

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compete against (someone or something)

To work or put forth effort against someone or something in an attempt to do something successfully. I'm probably competing against a hundred people for this job. Instead of competing against the loud music out here, let's go inside and talk.
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compete against someone

to contend against someone; to play against someone in a game or contest. I don't see how I can compete against all of them. She refused to compete against her own brothers.
See also: compete

compete against something

to struggle against something; to seem to be in a contest with something. It was hard to be heard. I was competing against the noise of construction. Please stop talking. I do not wish to compete against the audience when I lecture.
See also: compete
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Honestly, hand on heart, if reach the play-offs this year - competing against what we're competing against - it would be our best achievement since we've come back into the league.
The annual series of weekly competitions that run throughout the year features youth teams from all over the world competing against teams from Aspire Academy.
THREE youngsters from Thornaby Pavilion Judo Club excelled while competing against some of the best Judoka in the country.
They were chosen after competing against 44 of their contemporaries and pupils from other schools, where they had traded in a business simulation game, which involved them taking a product to market and selling it after completing three 'years' of trading, as well as considering ethical issues around it.
Vodafone Romania declared that it will keep on competing against local operator 2K Telecom to secure a contract from Romania's Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI) for VPN services to MAI's units and employees.
I said if I'm going to be competing against these guys and be as good as them something's got to change and that's when I started to take it more seriously.
Competing against the likes of Dwight Phillips (pictured above) will really push me to give my best performance so I'm hoping for a good result which will stand me in good stead for the European Champs.
The Islamic Republic appears to have very quietly dropped its 30-year-old ban on Iranian athletes competing against Israelis--and reinstated it now that some people in Iran have noticed.
It is an important competition because if they get through, they will be competing against some of the best.
Boeing is competing against a team of Northrop Grumman and Airbus parent EADS for the contract.
In terms of a small firm like us competing against Toyota, that is not possible at the moment.
In recent years, though, with the leveling of the global playing field, it should be apparent that we are not just competing against ourselves.
taxpayer subsidies, will soon be churning out 15,000 computer chips per month and competing against American chip manufacturers.
People realize you have more success working together than competing against one another.