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compete against someone

to contend against someone; to play against someone in a game or contest. I don't see how I can compete against all of them. She refused to compete against her own brothers.
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compete against something

to struggle against something; to seem to be in a contest with something. It was hard to be heard. I was competing against the noise of construction. Please stop talking. I do not wish to compete against the audience when I lecture.
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compete for someone or something

to contend against or contest [someone] for someone or something; to struggle for someone or something [against a competitor]. They are competing for a lovely prize. Ed and Roger are competing for Alice's attention.
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compete in something

to enter into a competition. I do not want to compete in that contest. Ann looked forward to competing in the race.
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compete with someone or something

to contend against someone, something, or a group; to play in a competition against someone, something, or a group. I can't compete with all this noise. We always compete closely with our crosstown rivals, Adams High School.
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I do (feel the pressure of being a woman in an all-male class),'' said Enders, who over the past 15 years has competed in the NHRA Junior Dragster League and the Super Comp and Super Gas categories.
While in the past these boys would have competed as Valley Striders, they wanted to run under a Santa Clarita name to give their local area the recognition.
He competed in the junior nationals last year as a pairs skater, placing sixth.
Wadsworth has competed in other Special Olympics events, such as floor hockey and swimming, but cycling is by far his favorite.
Maldonado competed in the individual Midget boys 100-meter dash, placing seventh in the nation.
Notable: Competed at USC before transferring to Texas.
The swimmers follow the trail of CSA standout Kara Denby, who competed in the U.
She competed in the open day meet at Arcadia, winning the long jump before watching her brother win the invitational 1,600.
Thirty-five elementary schools from throughout Los Angeles County competed in 20 different events throughout the day.
Millen competed in a relatively stock Toyota Supra, which he first used when Irwindale held its inaugural drifting event last year in the track's parking lot.