compete with

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compete with (someone or something)

To work or put forth effort against someone or something. How many people am I competing with for this job? Instead of competing with the loud music out here, let's go inside and talk.
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compete with someone or something

to contend against someone, something, or a group; to play in a competition against someone, something, or a group. I can't compete with all this noise. We always compete closely with our crosstown rivals, Adams High School.
See also: compete
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As the court asked: Why would the taxpayer sell the largest business in the area just to start a smaller one and try to compete with the business he had sold?
Local canvassing boards compete with state government.
Even if you discount the cultural policy argument--which is that we need to be able to have the capacity to tell our stories to each other and to the world otherwise we wither away as a society--and look at it in purely industrial policy terms, our "widgets" can't compete with our competitors' "widgets" any longer.
CMR says opportunities abound for new types of EP elastomers and new-generation polyolefins to compete with conventional EP elastomers in a number of markets traditionally served by conventional EP elastomers, as well as new markets.
American industry can compete with anyone in the world when it's a fair fight.
We never compete against them; we compete with them.
The value of a covenant not to compete is most often determined under the income approach; the specific amount is based on the cash flow that would be lost if the covenant did not exist and the seller could compete with the buyer.
We wanted to create a unique online interactive destination for sports fans, where they can compete with their buddies, connect with friends and foes of their favorite teams and simply enhance their enjoyment of sports," NBX Inc.
She's more concerned about trying to compete with the likes of two-time champion Greg Anderson and others in what is regarded as the Powerade Series most competitive class.
4 billion by colluding not to compete with one another in the wholesale market following their respective mergers with AT&T and MCI, according to a new study by FCC former Chief Economist Simon J.
These finalists went on to compete with over 65,000 students at more than 500 regional Intel ISEF-affiliated science fairs around the world to win the right to compete at the Intel ISEF.
It's nice to be able to compete with these girls I've been watching jump for years since youth track.
The complaint alleges that the defendants breached their fiduciary and contractual duties owed to the Company, wrongfully interfered with the Company's contractual relationships and misappropriated InfoSpace trade secrets and confidential information in order to unfairly compete with the Company.
I saw we could compete with an American manufacturer.
There is wide acceptance of the fact that the BA - American alliance must be conditioned in order to preserve competition in markets where the two airlines currently compete with each other," Murphy said.