compete in

compete in something

to enter into a competition. I do not want to compete in that contest. Ann looked forward to competing in the race.
See also: compete
References in classic literature ?
Though there was already talk of the erection, in remote metropolitan distances "above the Forties," of a new Opera House which should compete in costliness and splendour with those of the great European capitals, the world of fashion was still content to reassemble every winter in the shabby red and gold boxes of the sociable old Academy.
Customers who compete in the 'Word Boggle' (a fun word search game) challenge running from August 22 to September 7, will enter a draw to win prizes including notebooks, tablets, smart phones, printers, hard drive, headphones and gift vouchers from Samsung and Plug Ins along with a certificate.
INS officials have also signaled an intent to compete in the insurance market throughout Central America and plan to enter the Nicaraguan market first.
Additionally, athletes should be permitted to compete in championship tournaments only in the weight class they have competed for most of the events that year.
CAMARILLO - Santa Rosa Valley residents raised more than $2,000 earlier this month at a fundraising dinner to send Camarillo High School senior Tory Smith to New Zealand to compete in an international equestrian competition.
Weights are cleared for the semifinal round, and anglers compete for one day to determine the top six pros who will compete in the final round.
service will help a select number of Sonic crew members win national recognition and a trip to Florida to compete in the national finals competition of the Dr Pepper Sonic Games in September 2000.
BP will also field a team of professional anglers, who will compete in FLW Outdoors-administered events across all five tournament species, including bass, walleye, kingfish, redfish and striped bass.
Members compete in a two-month Qualifying Tournament
Another 163 racers will compete in the rally competition.
There are only two ways to allow an unlimited number of players to compete in their homes for feedback and prizes," Lockton added.
1 to compete in the corporate sector as both a data migration product as well as an application integration and enhancement product.
By focusing on our core competency of combining product innovation with cost efficiency, we can offer the most competitive solution to our local customers who compete in both domestic and global marketplaces.