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compete against someone

to contend against someone; to play against someone in a game or contest. I don't see how I can compete against all of them. She refused to compete against her own brothers.
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compete against something

to struggle against something; to seem to be in a contest with something. It was hard to be heard. I was competing against the noise of construction. Please stop talking. I do not wish to compete against the audience when I lecture.
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compete for someone or something

to contend against or contest [someone] for someone or something; to struggle for someone or something [against a competitor]. They are competing for a lovely prize. Ed and Roger are competing for Alice's attention.
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compete in something

to enter into a competition. I do not want to compete in that contest. Ann looked forward to competing in the race.
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compete with someone or something

to contend against someone, something, or a group; to play in a competition against someone, something, or a group. I can't compete with all this noise. We always compete closely with our crosstown rivals, Adams High School.
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In Ruse, a total of 688 will compete for 24 places on August 3.
com in 2006, Compete has further established itself as the online market research firm at the nexus of consumer and marketer interaction.
The 14-under team is a travel team that will compete against teams of comparable ability in the Southern California Amateur Hockey Association.
Several foundry sources say that due to unrelenting pressure from offshore businesses, it is becoming more difficult to compete head on.
In determining the correct value of the covenant not to compete, the court used the standard nine-factor test:
By examining the "clickstream" data of more than 10 million active Internet users, Compete analyzed shifting consumer preferences and trends within the property/casualty insurance market from September 2001 to November2001.
197 intangible" includes goodwill and any covenant not to compete entered into in connection.
Local canvassing boards compete with state government.
And since Ontario is a national economic actor, it would be folly for this jurisdiction not to compete to attract production since it has so many comparative advantages already.
Mildred started competing in race/walking when a friend challenged her to compete in the Alongi Race in Detroit, Michigan.
Meanwhile, other polyolefins technologies have been developing at an accelerated pace, some resulting in commercialization of elastomeric products that can compete against EP elastomers in a number of applications.
Third, our customers most likely have an in-house fabricating plant, but they do not know how much it actually costs them to produce the weldments with which we compete.
a leading web analytics company, today announced that Gregg Poulin has joined the company as general manager of Compete.
Schwimer, a 2005 All-Area selection and high school All-American, was one of 14 California athletes selected on the 15-player team, which will also compete in a tournament in Canada in December.
For legitimate business purposes and occasionally to modify the taxation of a business sale, taxpayers--over time--have used covenants not to compete.