compensate for (something)

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compensate for (something)

1. To offset (or attempt to offset) something. His sudden honesty cannot compensate for all the lies he told me over the past year.
2. To reimburse someone for something. In this usage, the recipient is named between "compensate" and "for." If you take the job, we will compensate you for all of your relocation expenses.
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compensate someone for something

to pay someone [back] money for something. Don't worry. I will compensate you for your loss. Let us compensate you for your expenses.
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compensate for something

to counterbalance or counteract something; to make up for something. Your present kindness will not compensate for your previous rudeness.
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This continually compensates for changes in the system.
A computer transforms these measurements into a prescription for adjusting the pistons so that the mirror precisely compensates for the eye's imperfections.
Such remedies for myopia don't exist yet, Wallman notes, because scientists don't know how the eye compensates for blurring.