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compel (someone) to (do something)

To strongly encourage or pressure someone to do something. Threaten me all you want—you'll never compel me to be a traitor to my country!
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compel someone to do something

to force someone to do something; to drive someone to so something. You can't compel me to do that. She compelled herself to try, even though she was ill.
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He announced that the case would not be dropped; there was a history of violence between the couple; the witness was competent and compellable.
The accuseds claimed that this provision infringed their constitutional rights to a fair trial, including the right of arrested persons to remain silent, the right not to be compelled to make a confession, the right of accused persons to be presumed innocent, and the right not to be compellable as a witness against oneself.
If a usufruct is left as a legacy, it is essential that a right of access go with it too; this is so to the extent that if a man leaves the usufruct of a particular tract of land as a legacy on the terms that his heir is not to be compellable to furnish a via, this additional proviso will be held to be inoperative.
Section 189 of the CCRA, supra note 29 sets out that the Correctional Investigator is not a competent or compellable witness in legal proceedings, but this does not prevent the use of the reports as evidence.
He is a compellable witness," he said, after an application for his attendance by barrister, Ivan McAteer.
Accordingly, advice given by lawyers to a developer in relation to his rights under planning laws and to objectors to a proposed development would also come under legal advice privilege and thus be shielded from compellable disclosure.
But because of the husband and wife relationship, Mr Mullany will be a competent witness but not a compellable one.