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box the compass

1. To count off all 32 points of a compass in a clockwise order. Sailor! Box the compass for me, posthaste!
2. To completely reverse one's position or stance on something, such an issue, belief, argument, etc. After seeing so much evidence regarding climate change, I was forced to box the compass.
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moral compass

That which serves or guides a person's knowledge, sense, or intuition of correct virtues, morals, or ethics. Our country's moral compass has surely gone awry in recent times, as our priorities seem now to favor the wealthy accumulating more wealth at the expense of any other concern.
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box the compass

Make a complete turnabout or reversal, as in With a change of ownership, the editorial page boxed the compass politically, now supporting the Senator . Originally this was (and continues to be) a nautical term, meaning "repeat the 32 points of the compass in order." In the early 1800s it began to be used figuratively.
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box the compass

1. To name the 32 points of the compass in proper order.
2. To make a complete revolution or reversal.
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