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commune with (something)

To experience a meaningful connection with something, often on a spiritual level. Tim really enjoys going off into the woods and communing with nature.
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commune with something

Fig. to experience wordless or spiritual communication with something. She went on long walks to commune with nature. He enjoyed going off on a retreat to commune with his inner self.
See also: commune
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Apart from the functionaries which we have mentioned, the Commune would have its own Council which would be elected in the same way as any Local Government Council, and with the same sort of composition - that is, so many elected members, and so many traditional members.
Ross's Communal Luxury is, nevertheless, a timely and fecund work that should stimulate anarchist thought and action on the relevance of the Commune to the contemporary politics of occupation, resistance, and prefiguration.
These offices consist of the provincial administration, under an MOI-appointed team of board of governors, that then oversees the various departments of line ministries and the administrations at the district and commune levels.
In all, Chinchilla's Communal Settlers is a highly commendable book and is recommended for research on communes in Queensland, Australia.
With regard to type of chemical fertilizer, urea was the most common; its use was reported in all 45 communes (100 percent).
Agenda Item 6: Commune discussion of Sister's wellbeing.
And while communes may be less popular today than they were in the 1960s the story of Drop City is likely to interest anyone concerned with the far idealistic reaches of American life.
Originally published in 1963 and translated into English in 1966, The Women Incendiaries: The Inspiring Story of the Women of Paris Commune Who Took Up Arms in the Fight for Liberty and Equality is now in a new paperback edition.
The ruling Cambodian People's Party of Prime Minister Hun Sen has won 98 percent commune chief positions in the second local elections in Cambodia's 1,621 communes, according to official results released Tuesday by the National Election Committee.
During the Paris Commune of 1871, communards assumed responsibility for administration of the Bibliotheque Nationale.
Revolutionary republicanism, socialism, anarchism, utopian socialism all found their expression in the Commune that, in turn, represented the culmination of these distinct movements.
at Long Beach) presents a traditional political and narrative of the events leading up the establishment of the commune, its actions and its bloody repression by the French central government.
Twenty-five variables, relativized, respectively, per capita or commune area, were considered (five in each group): economy, social and technical infrastructures, the protection of the natural environment, and demography.
Lordship, Reform, and the Development of Civil Society in Medieval Italy: The Bishopric of Orvieto, 1100-1250 is a scholarly analysis of a small Italian commune during the High Middle Ages.
Louise Michel, a relatively unknown figure outside of her native France, was an activist, an anarchist, and a fighter against racism who is known principally for her role in the short-lived French Commune in the spring of 1871.
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