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cause a stir

To incite trouble or excitement. My best friend's pink hair caused quite a stir at our very strict school. This band has caused a stir with teenagers all across the nation—screaming fans greet them everywhere they go!
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cause (quite) a stir

 and cause a commotion
to cause people to become agitated; to cause trouble in a group of people; to shock or alarm people. When Bob appeared without jacket and tie, it caused a stir at the state dinner. The dog ran through the church and caused quite a commotion.
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cause a commotion

Also, cause a stir. Give rise to a disturbance, raise a fuss. For example, The opening debate was so bitter it caused a commotion in the legislature, or Her entrance always caused a stir.
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Covered risks include war and terrorism acts such as aircraft confiscation, sabotage, hijacking, unlawful seizure and civil commotion.
A COMMOTION marred the last day of the bar exams Sunday after a base of a used party popper that was left in front of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) was mistaken for a grenade.
Rajakumar's first inkling of the disaster came when he heard commotion in the streets below his parents' house and saw people rushing around.
John Anderson and his wife were driving by when they heard the commotion and saw the three dogs attacking Castellano.
Panelists will include Director Patrick Stettner ("Flux," "The Business of Strangers"), composer Theodore Shapiro ("Girl Fight," "Starsky and Hutch," "Dodgeball"), music supervisor and Commotion Records executive Tracy McKnight, Spirit Music's Senior Director of Film/TV Peter Shane, music clearance executive Brook Wentz and BMI's Ross as moderator.
Josie Evans, president of the parents and teachers association of AIS, said a student, who was not immediately identified, was also hurt in the commotion.
And all this latest commotion reinforced is that maybe his best strategy from here on in is just to exercise his right to remain silent.
Upon hearing the injured woman's screams, Miles noticed a man scurrying past him headed away from the commotion.
Despite his desire to be left out of the interstellar commotion, Coop gets pulled into a struggle that may determine the fate of the human race.
A security guard told police that he heard a commotion and a scream inside the restaurant about four hours before the bodies were found.
Hearing the commotion, a local resident called the St.
This same commotion about hormone replacement therapies might change the entire way how hormone treatment is presented to physicians as well as women.
MANILA -- A man was booted out of the East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC) in the early hours of the New Year for allegedly causing a commotion at the hospital that was overflowing with firecracker blast victims.
All the commotion got both teams out of sync before the match even started.
on December 17, 2001, he heard a commotion in one of the units.