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cause a stir

To incite trouble or excitement. My best friend's pink hair caused quite a stir at our very strict school. This band has caused a stir with teenagers all across the nation—screaming fans greet them everywhere they go!
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cause (quite) a stir

 and cause a commotion
to cause people to become agitated; to cause trouble in a group of people; to shock or alarm people. When Bob appeared without jacket and tie, it caused a stir at the state dinner. The dog ran through the church and caused quite a commotion.
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cause a commotion

Also, cause a stir. Give rise to a disturbance, raise a fuss. For example, The opening debate was so bitter it caused a commotion in the legislature, or Her entrance always caused a stir.
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References in classic literature ?
This annunciation excited great commotion among the different sectaries.
At last the spear reached out and touched the ape-man on the breast and when it came away, a little trickle of blood ran down the smooth, brown hide and almost simultaneously there broke from the outer periphery of the expectant audience a woman's shriek which seemed a signal for a series of hideous screamings, growlings and barkings, and a great commotion upon that side of the circle.
I had taken but a few steps when I heard a commotion behind me, and at the same moment a man leaned close and whispered "Kazar
There was a quick commotion on the opposite side of the campfire: one of our party had sprung to his feet, pistol in hand.
After a brief interval of delay there was a sudden commotion among the audience, accompanied by suppressed exclamations of curiosity and surprise.
One evening, when the sky's limpid bowl was filled with a red glory, and the robins were thrilling the golden twilight with jubilant hymns to the stars of evening, there was a sudden commotion in the little house of dreams.
Meantime the storeowner's brother, who was taking a break in the back room entertaining his daughter and newborn grandchild, heard the commotion and grabbed his "commotion-crushing device.
He also caused a commotion inside the facility and accused the officers of "destroying the country", according to case files.
In 1916, civil commotion took place in the northern regions of Kyrgyzstan leading to the tragic deaths of many innocent people.
The New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute (OTI) has debuted the latest version of Commotion, a free, open source, wireless networking platform.
However, the report said that Arsenal cruised past Turkish side Fenerbahce, whose fans caused the commotion, and came in a strong position to qualify for the group stages of the Champions League with a 0-3 score.
13 that it was releasing its first developer's version of the tool, called Commotion, which can be used to create a mesh network.
Neighbours became aware of a commotion when a police helicopter circled over Polo Gardens and four emergency vehicles raced to the scene at 8pm.
Commotion is designed as "a secure and reliable platform to ensure their communications cannot be controlled or cut off by authoritarian regimes," says the mission statement of the open-source software project.