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2-Liter Soda C nearly 54 percent more commonly ordered by men
After alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, and crack/cocaine, these drugs are the most commonly used and abused by adolescents (Monitoring the Future, 2005).
Commonly known as a conduit loan, the subject financings enabled the borrowers to obtain aggressive terms associated while utilizing the origination platform of one the oldest and best-respected life insurance companies, providing the borrower with a "best of both worlds" approach.
In Africa, the tropical bont tick, Amblyomma variegatum, is commonly infected with R.
67(e)(1) does not ask whether an expense is commonly incurred in estate and trust administration, but whether it is commonly incurred outside of such administration.
Describe the different grades of commonly produced paper.
To set the record straight, rotenone is not commonly used in organic agriculture.
Geologic material, commonly used as physical evidence in both criminal and civil cases, can play an important role in forensic science.
Alkaline batteries are still the most commonly used type around the house, and they come in the standard sizes: D, C, AA and AAA.
Or, the Staph can come off of the infected skin of a person onto commonly shared objects and surfaces, and get onto the skin of the person who uses it next.
An immigrant investment visa, commonly referred to as an "EB-5" visa (employment-based immigrant visa preference number 5) is considered most desirable and is the most difficult to obtain.
American adolescents commonly have a sexual partner from a different age-group or ethnic group, an analysis of national data on adolescent health reveals.
The network "health" metrics that they most commonly use for this purpose are link utilization, round-trip delay, and packet loss.