common as an old shoe

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(as) common as an old shoe

Lacking in manners or refinement. I can't believe he just put his elbows on the dinner table—why, he must be as common as an old shoe!
See also: common, old, shoe

*common as an old shoe

 and *common as dirt
low class; uncouth. (*Also: as ~.) That ill-mannered girl is just as common as an old shoe. Despite Mamie's efforts to appear to be upper class, most folks considered her common as dirt.
See also: common, old, shoe
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Moved by himself and seconded by members Peter Clarke, Peter Coffin, Peter Elliott, Peter Fenty, Peter Hobbs, Peter Irish, Peter Inukpuk, Peter Monk, Peter Tovell, Peter Wall, Pierre Voyer and Louise Peters: "Whereas there are at this synod more Peters than any other name, such as Michaels and Davids, who are, as we all know, common as dirt, we declare this to be a day of commemoration of Saints Peter the Many and offer our condolences to those of you not so similarly blessed.
Even words as common as dirt may inexplicably get turned around.