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The BIOX([R]) Module 1, Reactor Tanks 5, 6 and 7 (smaller, secondary tanks) are expected to be commissioned in February 2007;
BIOX([R]) Module 1 coolers and blowers were commissioned in December and are operational;
BIOX([R]) Module 1 neutralization tanks and counter-current decantation thickeners are expected to be commissioned at the end of January 2007 in time for refractory ore feed in February 2007;
A few states open their conferences with the commissioned work.
Some states devote one entire conference session to the commissioned work.
Try to maintain a list of all commissioned composers and works in your state.
The ball mill is complete, its electric motor has been run, and the mill is expected to be hot commissioned before the end of the month.
The BIOX(R) and neutralization tanks and associated thickeners are expected to be completed over the next month and to be dry commissioned and tested progressively as the construction in the various areas is completed, with the last items expected to be completed by the end of September.
The remaining two blowers are presently being shipped to Ghana and are to be delivered, installed and commissioned during September.
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