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commend (someone) for (something)

To compliment or praise someone for something that they have done. I have to commend you for your extraordinary bravery in a dangerous situation. I'm sure all of the people you rescued from the fire see you as a hero.
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commend (one) to (someone or something)

To speak favorably of someone to another person or group. I commended Jeff to the award selection committee because his extraordinary bravery in rescuing all of those people from the apartment fire deserves to be recognized.
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commend someone for something

to praise someone for doing something. The committee commended Ralph for his good work.
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commend someone or something to someone or something

to recommend or speak well of someone to someone or a group. I commend Walter to your organization. He would make a fine employee. We commended your organization to Martha, who may wish to become a member.
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References in classic literature ?
He next time stole a cloak and brought it to her, and she again commended him.
Why, you have commended the book so warmly, that you should be ashamed of reading your name before the dedication.
People commended unto Zarathustra a wise man, as one who could discourse well about sleep and virtue: greatly was he honoured and rewarded for it, and all the youths sat before his chair.
To be commended, thanked, God-blessed, and bade good night by one who carried 'Sir' before his name, and wrote himself M.
Sharon Mellor was praised for her role as a PCSO in Kirkburton and Sgt Paul Denton was commended for his work in road policing.
Highly commended - James Milner's belter at Sunderland which truly announced his conversion to goalscoring central midfielder.
jpg WINNER - Skills Development Scotland HIGHLY COMMENDED - Scottish Prison Service
Sponsored by: Thirteen Group Winning team: Team Force Restoration, Spence & Dower, Structural & Civil Consultants Ltd, John Letts, William Tegetmeier and David Humble Winning project: The Black Barn, Heather Thatch Highly Commended team: Beaumont Brown Architects, Durham County Council, The Smithy and Classic Masonry Highly Commended project: Restoration and Conservation of The Smithy, Hetton-le-Hole Commended team: Keepmoat, Byker Community Trust, Your Homes Newcastle and Armed Forces & Veterans Estates Commended project: Avondale House, Byker Community Trust THIS award recognises the achievement of high standards of the repair, re-use and revitalisation of the region's historic buildings, sites and places.
While the Jumeirah Hospitality team picked up the Events Catering Team of the Year award for a second consecutive year, Table 9 from Hilton Dubai Creek was named Hotel Restaurant Team of the Year for the first time and Hakkasan Abu Dhabi stole the crown from Okku, who this year was highly commended in the Independent Restaurant Team of the Year award.
Highly commended awards were made to Flight, a compact folding and nesting table, which demonstrated great flexibility and ease of operation, designed by Bruce High and distributed by Senator International; the Instant Space room divider, an ingenious horizontal screen housed within a moveable aluminium column that can deftly subdivide space, designed by Leon Wohlage Wernik Architects and distributed by Hemsley Associates; and the Snooze chair, a svelte curved and decorated leather seat on slim steel legs, designed by Fredrik Mattson and Stefan Borselius for Swedish furniture manufacturer Bla Station and distributed by In Form Furniture.
Truscott have been named Commended Students in the 2002 National Merit Scholarship Program.
Los Angeles police Deputy Chief Mark Kroeker commended the citizens for their heroic actions.
A further eight Detective Constables will be commended for their role in the investigation
I'd like to congratulate all of last night's winners and the highly commended nominees who undoubtedly deserved to be on that list.
The highly commended project was awarded to a client who deliberately set out to create a landmark building.