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commend someone for something

to praise someone for doing something. The committee commended Ralph for his good work.
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commend someone or something to someone or something

to recommend or speak well of someone to someone or a group. I commend Walter to your organization. He would make a fine employee. We commended your organization to Martha, who may wish to become a member.
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General Raheel Sharif said that POFs role in satisfying the armed forces defense needs is commendable.
In his address, the COAS said that the courage, determination and spirits of sacrifice displayed by AMC in war against terrorism particularly during operation ZarbeAzb was highly commendable.
I think it's commendable, they have done us all a great service.
Balakrishnan said on Friday that the state government had done a commendable job by keeping 51,000 people in the relief camps.
25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Centene Corporation (NYSE: CNC) today announced that its Wisconsin subsidiary, Managed Health Services, and South Carolina subsidiary, Absolute Total Care, both earned Commendable ratings from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).
Efforts in this direction by governments are appreciable and commendable.
The newly constructed Elementary Schools to tackle the problem of low student participation are rendering commendable service towards improving the progress of students.
IT is commendable that councillors are forging relationships with the multi-cultural element of our community with a visit to Jalandhar in India.
Mr Hardwick said: "The challenges that face Parc are immense, but it is commendable that the inspection found the prison had many strengths on which to build.
Your January cover story on women in the church by Ren4e LaReau is truly commendable.
Attorney Edmund James Furey of Tampa, Florida, a veteran pro-life advocate, sent me an email saying, "The book review was commendable.
David Kern, economic adviser to the British Chambers of Commerce, speaking before yesterday's interest rate rise, said: "The manufacturing sector has shown so far commendable resilience in coping with two interest rate increases since August.
She lists the commendable Laughing Bear Newsletter for small publishers, but she has the editor's name wrong and it ceased publishing a number of years ago.
Although the September 11 tie-in seems somewhat contrived and only marginally relevant to the story, Beard does a commendable job of entering the mind of a teenage girl as she negotiates a rocky relationship with her real father and tries to adjust to a changed life with her grieving mother, her stepdad and younger sister Era.
As city attorney, Delgadillo has had some commendable accomplishments, such as his Neighborhood Prosecutors program and reducing the city's legal liability.