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commend (someone) for (something)

To compliment or praise someone for something that they have done. I have to commend you for your extraordinary bravery in a dangerous situation. I'm sure all of the people you rescued from the fire see you as a hero.
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commend (one) to (someone or something)

To speak favorably of someone to another person or group. I commended Jeff to the award selection committee because his extraordinary bravery in rescuing all of those people from the apartment fire deserves to be recognized.
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commend someone for something

to praise someone for doing something. The committee commended Ralph for his good work.
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commend someone or something to someone or something

to recommend or speak well of someone to someone or a group. I commend Walter to your organization. He would make a fine employee. We commended your organization to Martha, who may wish to become a member.
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Target: Schneider Intercom GmbH, Commend International GmbH (Austria), Commend Australia, Commend Benelux BV, Commend's international sales organisations
Apart from the existing range of hardware-based Intercom Servers, the integrated Commend solution also aids VirtuoSISA, the globe s first and only software-based Intercom Server.
Additonally, Security Center end-users will be able to advantage from Commend s range of SIP terminals, which take SIP technology to a whole new level by improving it with Commend s powerful call management, customization and security features that incorporate 40 years of experience and perfection.
TEI commends the Treasury Department and IRS for promulgating a major simplification of a complex and often contentious area, particularly--
B) commends the Federal Communication Commission for its historic decision today to expand the rules of Ultra-Wideband.
I commend Rite Track for the success they have found in an increasingly competitive and technology-based economy," said State Development Director Bruce Johnson.
FORT WORTH, Texas -- The Allied Pilots Association (APA), collective bargaining agent for the 13,000 pilots of American Airlines (NYSE:AMR), commends last week's decision by the Federal Regional Court of the First Region of Brasilia to return the passports of the two pilots of an ExcelAire Embraer Legacy 600 that was involved in an apparent mid-air collision with a Gol Airlines Boeing 737 on Sept.
Frost & Sullivan's recent study, titled North American Hosted IP Telephony and VoIP Access Services Market, commends M5 Networks Inc.
It also commends the company's successful sales entry, customer acquisition, and service strategies, and the degree to which these strategies have met customer needs and requirements.
The award commends BT's ability "to best perceive consumer needs, develop products/services that meet consumer needs, successfully introduce products/services to the industry and identify new market segments to expand the existing customer base.
It also commends Cyberex for its development of the patented SuperSwitch technology that is used for sensing incoming power sources and performing high speed less than 4msec power transfers between redundant utility lines.