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commence with (someone or something)

To start something with a particular person or action. The presentations will commence with you, Michael, so go on up to the podium. Once the band is ready, we'll commence with the dancing!
See also: commence

commence with someone or something

to start a procedure affecting a number of people or things by choosing a particular person or thing first. Each meeting commences with a reading of the minutes of the last meeting. The doctor interviews with Lynn and took everyone else in the order in which they had arrived.
See also: commence
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Okoronkwo said that foreign investors had conducted feasibility studies on the project in order to commence full operation.
Based on the company's current production capacity, its voluntary production curtailments, the pipeline repairs noted above coupled with new wells scheduled to commence production during the fourth quarter 2006, production for the fourth quarter should average approximately 200 MMcfe/d net, an increase over the fourth quarter 2005 of 213%.
The contracted is expected to commence in approximately September 2006, following the estimated completion in March 2006 of an existing contract with ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) offshore Angola, and an estimated 150 days of out-of-service time for mobilization, maintenance and contract preparation.
Production is expected to commence during May 2006 at a rate of approximately 10 MMcf per day.
First production is scheduled to commence next month at anticipated rates of approximately 3 MMcf per day.
Production is scheduled to commence during April 2006 at a rate of approximately 20 MMcf per day.
African Copper expects to commence construction of the Dukwe Project in early 2006.
Competition Eisteddfod Pavilion Friday Orchestra/ Band under 25 years commences at 6.
Junior Show - Syniad Sam St David's Hall Today, tomorrow and Wednesday Author: Ffion Harries Music: Geraint Cynan Producer/Director: Gwawr Dafis Commences at 7.
Years 8, 9 & 10 Today and tomorrow Author: Daniel Glyn, Mathew Glyn Music: Steffan Rhys Williams Musical Director: Delyth Medi Producer/Director: Wyn Jones Commences at 8pm.
The unused or suspended losses and credits to which the estate succeeds would be determined as of the first day of the debtor's tax year in which the bankruptcy case commences.