come to attention

(redirected from coming to attention)

come to (one's) attention

To be noticed by one; to enter one's awareness. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "to" and "attention." Once the employee's complaint of mistreatment came to my attention, I knew I had to address it right away.
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come to attention

Of military personnel, to stand at attention (which, in most cases, means looking forward and standing erect with one's arms at one's sides). When they heard the drill sergeant's call, the troops abruptly stopped marching and came to attention.
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come to someone's attention

 and come to someone's notice
to be told to, revealed to, or discovered by someone. It has come to my attention that you are not following the rules. Your comments have just come to my notice.
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come to attention

to assume a formal military posture, standing very straight. Almost immediately, the soldiers came to attention.
See also: attention, come
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First coming to attention back in 2011, Manchester songwriter Christopher Eatough earned rave reviews for the poetic folk stylings of his debut album, A Creak in the Cold.
Dogtags break the silence of the quiet morning, the clanging sound of each soldier coming to attention, the orderly unison of dogtags ringing out their impending doom.
Once I was advised this plate was actually to protect the butt-stock when troops were clicking their heels in coming to attention.
Astley was a thorn in the side of some of snooker's bggest names, first coming to attention with a victory over Ken Doherty at the UK Championships.
After initially coming to attention by shouting into a huge mobile phone, Dom really came to prominence as the star of Channel 4's hidden camera show Trigger Happy TV.
It is an area of growing importance, with more cases involving accidents at work coming to attention than ever before.
There is a squadron of young soldiers standing at ease above the entry steps, coming to attention whenever somebody of consequence arrives, another of police and a gathering of brass instrumentalists ready to play on the arrival of our President Christofias.
First coming to attention as half of the Northwest U.
These include "types of marital conflict," "initiator of wife-beating and desertions coming to attention of JPs and parish authorities," and "occupations, estimated wealth or income of husbands who came before York, Durham and Oxford ecclesiastical courts as parties in matrimonial cases," and some two dozen or so additional topics and tables.
The musician has, of course, been hotly-tipped for a few years now: since coming to attention on SoundCloud back in 2014, he's first released a few teaser singles, an EP, and even co-written a track for Stormzy's chart-topping debut album Gang Signs & Prayer (the single First Things First).