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In the dream, he was in America, saw snow falling and started singing, "Jesus is Coming.
When she considered the mystery of the coming of God, Teresa of Avila said in The Interior Castle that even when we are engaged in worldly pastimes and businesses and pleasures and haggling, even when we are falling into sins and rising from them again, God comes to be in our midst.
Annabelle Fuller, of the Army Benevolent Fund, said: "Because Coming Home has not been played as much as we would like we have not sold as many records or raised as much money.
That's why coming out continues to be the most powerful political act that our community can take.
God's present coming allows us to see God's future coming clearly.
Career development of lesbian and gay youth: Effects of sexual orientation, coming out, and homophobia.
Lands' End does not disclose separate sales results for Coming Home.
The timing has to be prefect: 3's screen for 2 and 5's screen for 3 - coming upcourt after 4 has cut over him.
I learned early on from my coming out experiences with my eldest brother that repetition is a good thing.
You be good to the people coming up and they gonna' be good to you coming up.
Easter was coming and I had been reading Miroslav Volf's Exclusion and Embrace.
What counts is survival tied to techniques of expanding one's consciousness The golden age is coming, at the latest in 2160 with the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, when peace, harmony, justice and love will reign in a New Age when people have learned to manage and use the laws of the cosmos.
at separate gatherings, while coming together for worship.
A total of pounds 80 comes in memory of Don Childs with pounds 50 coming 'in memory of my dearest husband from wife Rita'; pounds 10 comes 'with fondest memory of a dear dad Don Childs from son Paul, Julie and grandchildren'; pounds 10 comes from daughter Sue and Simon 'always in our thoughts and so sadly missed' and pounds 10 'in memory of our dearest grandad from James and Matthew'.