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comfortable in (one's) own skin

Displaying a relaxed confidence in and clear understanding of oneself and one's abilities, especially when presenting oneself to or interacting with other people. Though his girlfriend's group of friends are all older and more established in life, he is comfortable enough in his own skin to have no problem mingling with them at parties. Janet is so comfortable in her own skin that I have no doubt that she'll find her ideal path in life.
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comfortable circumstances

The state of having enough money to live well. We used to have barely enough money to pay rent, but ever since Pat got that promotion, we've been living in comfortable circumstances.

slip into something more comfortable

A set phrase usually said seductively to a prospective sexual partner. Why don't you pour the wine while I slip into something more comfortable?
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*comfortable as an old shoe

Cliché very comfortable; very comforting and familiar. (*Also: as ~.) My old house may seem small to you, but I think it's cozy. It's as comfortable as an old shoe.
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comfortable as an old shoe, as

Familiar and very much at ease, as in Kathy's really enjoying her third summer at the same camp-for her it's comfortable as an old shoe . This simile was once put as easy as an old shoe, first recorded in J. T. Brockett's North Country Glossary (1825). It was most often applied to friends, as in the proverb Old shoes are easy, old friends are best, but today it is used more broadly for easy familiarity in any situation.
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The Northern Irishman, struggling with a cold, said: "I'm happy I got the job done so comfortably because I don't really feel great at the minute.
It's why I believe the Blues won't have a better chance of winning a derby so comfortably in a while.
Erste Group has comfortably passed the asset quality review (AQR) and associated stress test carried out by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Banking Authority (EBA), respectively, confirming its status as one of the best capitalized large Austrian banks.
Chambers also kept his dream of a fourth consecutive World Indoor medal alive by comfortably winning his heat in 6.
The compelling book sold comfortably twice as many copies as Steve Waugh's one (which sold roughly 40,000), with former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson's memoirs rounding out the top three.
The butterfly shaped pad fits comfortably between the buttocks, with no sticky, irritating adhesive needed.
The Bannu team played outstanding attacking game and scored 67 points against Dir team's only 38 and comfortably won the match by 29 points.
The shorter format of best-ofseven frames in these early rounds can be risky for punters to get involved in, but Neil Robertson and Mark Allen should comfortably win their matches against Martin Gould and Ali Carter respectively.
However, there was no such joy for New Zealand's Olympic champion Mahe Drysdale, who was beaten comfortably by Aleksandr Aleksandrov of Azerbaijan.
Supplied as a pair, for left and right legs, they're available unisex to fit sizes S/M and L/XL and can be comfortably worn underneath regular socks.
46% of nonretirees expect to live comfortably in retirement, up from 37% last year, but still below pre-recession levels.
Point 2 of our piece: 'First Aid Fast' should have said: "Make sure they're sitting comfortably, but don't let them lie down whatever you do" and not: "Make sure they're sitting comfortably, but don't let them sit down whatever you do" (page 35, Mirror 17 April)
As part of the branding strategy for Live Comfortably, Hollander is now working on a comprehensive marketing plan for the winter 2011/spring 2012 seasons.
Leading comfortably 4-2 at one stage, Al Joker suffered a sudden lapse in concentration to allow his opponent to stage a fightback and draw level 4-4.
Summary: Clint Dempsey scored twice as Fulham comfortably beat Blackburn at Craven Cottage.