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comfortably off

Having enough financial means or assets to be able to live in comfort. Jim is now quite comfortably off after marrying Suzanne, whose father is a billionaire oil tycoon.
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not sit comfortably (with one)

To not be agreeable to one's values or sensibilities. The idea that some children have to go hungry in this country just doesn't sit comfortably with me. Some aspects of my proposal didn't sit comfortably with them, but I assured them that things could be changed to accommodate their preferences.
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ˌcomfortably ˈoff

having enough money to buy what you want without worrying about the cost: My brother is very comfortably off. He has a career in finance.
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sit comfortably/easily/well (with something)

(written) seem right, natural, suitable, etc. in a particular place or situation: His views did not sit comfortably with the management line.
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GREAT WORK Claire Ashma at the Joshua Foundation cafe Comfortably Numb.
These are run at a comfortably hard, near race pace, with a steady, unvarying effort.
The Tonbridge runner provided more powerful evidence of her return to form by moving comfortably through the field and hitting the front with 200m to go, before easing down in the home straight with qualification secure.
Leicestershire trailed until the 15th end when they moved to top gear and, eventually, comfortably defeated Derbyshire 135-119.
Now, at age thirty-seven, comfortably housed in an Upper East Side apartment that she shares with her Lebanese-born husband, Emile Mourad, and their dog, Spock, she is open to discussion about that touchiest of subjects for a dancer, retirement: "If I were a painter I wouldn't quit.
Scott Middlemist, 14 not out and Wales (22) unbeaten, saw Berwick comfortably home after 14 overs, reaching 81-2 to seal the victory.
Thirteen percent of those with enough money to live comfortably say they have no important financial problems, compared with 4% among those who do not have enough to live comfortably.
Goldman Sachs (NYS: GS) has opined that India would meet its financial deficit comfortably.
Called Comfortably Numb, after Sarah's favourite Pink Floyd song, the coffee shop at the entrance of Cardiff's Castle Arcade will open on Saturday and will offer a range of drinks and snacks, as well as a fully-licensed bar for events.
A bigger-than-average crowd of 335 saw them comfortably defeat relegated Mossley at the International Stadium.
One of the things I like about my convertible Chrysler Sebring is that it comfortably seats four to five adults.
Ben Williams hit a superb 102 not out for the hosts which, coupled with Ben Webb's 41, took them to 177-2 to comfortably outscore Nalgo's 66-3.
Every driver has the opportunity - any time - to increase his or her own learning about driving comfortably.
Most financial advisors say that retirees need about 70% of their pre-retirement earnings to comfortably maintain their standard of living.
Already leading comfortably overall, he could have tagged along with Beloki, who was nearly two and a half minutes behind in second overall, but instead he counter-attacked .