come under the hammer

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come under the hammer

To be put up for or sold at auction. The banker's family estate had to come under the hammer to cover some of his mounting debt.
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come under the hammer

 and go under the hammer
Fig. [for something] to be auctioned. The house at the corner is coming under the hammer next week. The repossessed farm will go under the hammer.
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come (or go) under the hammer

be sold at an auction.
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come/go under the ˈhammer

be offered for sale at an auction (= a sale at which things are sold to the person who offers the most money): The house and all its contents are to come under the hammer next Thursday.
The person in charge of an auction hits the table with a hammer to show that he/she has accepted the highest offer.
See also: come, hammer
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The picture of the Duke of Lancaster former ferry is expected to sell for pounds 1,000 next week when it comes under the hammer at Christie's.
A reward for a heroic deed, this antique watch will change hands when it comes under the hammer at a Birmingham auction house next week.
The house with a view comes under the hammer on Wednesday, September 22, with a guide price of pounds 34,000.
When something comes under the hammer in the City it usually goes to the highest bidder, but Allied Domecq recommended that its shareholders support a lower bid.
She comes under the hammer as lot 247, and is offered carrying a cover by the late Anabaa.
AROWof houses in Holmfirth comes under the hammer at a property auction next month.
Despite the normal corner tear the ticket is expected to realise over pounds 300, when it comes under the hammer in 0ctober.
The largest collection of fishing tackle to be offered for sale in the North-East this century comes under the hammer in Newcastle on Monday with many of the lots being made by Hardy Brothers of Alnwick in the early 1900s.
THE spear which killed legendary explorer Captain James Cook is expected to fetch up to pounds 2,000 when it comes under the hammer, auctioneers said.
A former four-star hotel over on the Isle of Bute, in Rothesay, comes under the hammer this month.